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Exercise Guide – Shoulder Press Knee Drive

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Exercise Guides

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The Shoulder Press Knee Drive

This exercise is similar to the Shoulder Press. The main difference being that whilst performing the shoulder press we also drive alternate knees into the air with each rep.

It is essential to have a good grip of the HIT Machine to maintain balance during this exercise.

Hold the handle bars using an overhand grip and press the machine arms directly upwards from the starting position until arms are at full length – while simultaneously driving one knee high into the air. (It does not matter which knee you start with.)

Once the arms are locked and your knee is at full height, pull the handlebars and your knee downwards to return the HITMachine to the starting position, and both feet on the ground.

Repeat this step, but now using the alternate knee.

This exercise can be a little tricky to get started, but you will soon find your rhythm! ​​

This exercise can strengthen your back and shoulder muscles while the knee drive helps to open up your hips and helps keep the muscles in and around your hip flexors, especially your glutes, firing correctly.

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