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Opening a HITIO Gym Franchise – Opportunities, Requirements, Cost, Owner Profit, Ownership Fees & More!

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Franchising

HITIO is a global gym franchise with a unique business model that allows members to join at any age from 5 years old. This USP helps set the franchise apart in the market, meaning parents and children can train at the same facility at the same time.

HITIO is an international brand that became one of Norway’s largest fitness franchises with over 30 sites in Norway and has now spread globally with over another 30+ sites opening in 4 other countries.


Benefits and Opportunities of Becoming a

HITIO Gym Franchise Owner

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HITIO focuses on being accessible for all and attracting a much larger customer base compared to most other mainstream gyms, due to allowing child memberships. With almost a third of children in the UK stating they undergo active exercise across the week and 61% of children claim to love exercise, there’s an obvious demand for ‘child-friendly’ gyms.

As well as a booming health and fitness industry in the UK, there are many other key reasons why you should consider HITIO gym franchise opportunities. Some of which include:

  • Become part of a fast-growing franchise that has been continuously expanding since 2020


  • Choose from a range of sites immediately available to franchise throughout the UK


  • Benefit from a company with over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry


  • Enjoy revenue potential of up to £200,000 for larger HITIO franchise sites and be ‘cash flow positive’ within only a few months



  • Receive marketing assets included in the franchise cost, including complete marketing packages to promote your new gym and access to resources that are adaptable for your region and country


  • Enjoy a guaranteed 35 staffed opening hours per week provided to ensure a safe environment for your members


  • Explore opportunities to grow from a single-site franchisee to a master franchisee to oversee a whole region or country and to grow your network


How Does the HITIO Gym Franchise Model Work?

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The HITIO franchise model follows a step-by-step process to ensure that any potential franchisees have the right level of experience, capital and aspirations to open and run a HITIO franchise. The franchise owners can then work alongside HITIO to ensure that the right business plan is made tailored to the location and demographic of the premises chosen by the franchisee.


1. HITIO Gym Franchise Requirements


Before opening a HITIO franchise, there are a set number of minimum requirements you have to meet to prove you have the experience and capital for the brand and follow its onboarding processes. This includes:


Financial investment:

To open a HITIO franchise you have to show proof of having a healthy cash flow and financial background, including being able to make a total investment of around £138,000-£231,600


Experience checks:

HITIO will want a franchisee that has some experience working in the health and fitness industry, ideally in a management role with some knowledge of the rules of operating as a franchisee along with a passion for improving people’s lifestyles


Vision alignment:

HITIO will want to ensure that your franchise investment plans align with their growth plans including aspects like how many gyms you plan on opening and the locations



HITIO will also carry out a thorough onboarding process for franchisees to make sure you meet all of their expectations and requirements for the role


2. Minimum cost/investment to buy and own a HITIO gym franchise


One of the main parts of buying and owning a HITIO gym franchise is to prove you and your business partners have the right amount of capital. Currently, there is no available information for the minimum net worth requirements or minimum liquid capital required by HITIO. On average, however, most gym franchises require a minimum net worth of anywhere between £500,000 to £1,000,000 depending on the size and success rate of the franchise.

The average rate of liquid capital assets you need can be anywhere between £20,00-£100,000. Some franchises may require more, so it’s important to check these figures. Regarding the actual costs of a HITIO franchise. they range from £138, 000 to £231, 600, which include the franchise fees, a prepay for the leasing facilities, marketing, furniture, collateral and office supplies, and the start-up supply of training and retail equipment.


3. Initial HITIO Gym Franchise Startup Fees


HITIO’s gym franchise fee is around £49,500 to set up the franchise, which covers a number of aspects of business support. These aspects include:


Marketing support:

The provision of digital and offline marketing materials /collateral will be targeted to your location to help you promote your new HITIO franchise.


Business support:

Benefit from HITIO’s three decades of experience with access to webinars, online tools, and ongoing support from dedicated franchise teams, including biannual business evaluations.


Site selection support:

Assistance identifying prime locations, backed by detailed data and insights tailored to your specific region. This includes help securing a favourable lease agreement and the design and construction of your facility.


The exact cost to open a HITIO gym franchise can vary depending on location.


4. Expected HITIO Gym Franchise Revenue


There are no official statistics published regarding the expected HITIO gym franchise revenue. However, the franchise is expected to do well as HITIO has a unique selling point of a large potential customer base with family memberships. The brand has also capitalised on involving combat sports in mainstream fitness, adding to its competitiveness in an industry worth £4.9 billion annually.

HITIO also claims that franchisees require fewer members to become profitable. They also state franchisees will be ‘cash flow positive’ within only a few months of trading and recurring income within 12 months.


5. Costs associated with running a HITIO Gym franchise


As well as revenue, you also need to consider the additional costs associated with running a HITIO gym franchise. As part of your overall HITIO franchise investment of £138,000-£231,600, 88,500-£141,600 is required by you to account for the purchase of training equipment and furniture for use in your facility.

The exact amount will depend on the size of your gym site and the amount of equipment required though HITIO provide assistance in securing favourable terms with their supplier Matrix Fitness. Larger facilities may prefer to increase their investment above this.

There are also ongoing franchise costs you’ll need to repay to HITIO in the form of royalty fees which amount to 8% of your annual turnover.


6. Predicted average income/profit of a HITIO Gym franchise owner


There isn’t available data to predict the average income/profit of a HITIO Gym franchise owner. On average, a typical franchisee can expect to make anywhere between £40,000-£80,000 a year without taxes and any extra expenses. Larger franchises can expect to make up to £200,000 if they are successful with their chosen location and demographics of the area.


A look at the HITIO gym franchise agreement & policies

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If you’re considering opening a HITIO gym franchise, one of the most important factors to consider is the agreements and policies you are taking on when signing a HITIO contract. There are plenty of expectations and HITIO gym franchise requirements when you open a franchise in their name. Some of these key areas include:


1. Brand


As per any gym franchise’s policy, you are expected to work to HITIO’s branding and to operate your gyms to their policies and standards. This means adopting HITIO’s ways of working, following their training procedures for new members of staff, and ensuring the design and layout of the gym follow HITIO’s standards. Y

ou will also be expected to work using HITIO’s business model of offering the “Four Pillars of Success” which targets children, parents, the martial arts community, and traditional gym users.

As a HITIO Gym franchisee, you’ll need to be comfortable providing a unique advantage where parents can engage in their fitness routine while their children participate in martial arts classes. This means utilizing gym spaces during traditional off-peak gym hours, such as midweek, after school, and weekends, which can help you boost ROI during quieter times.


2. Performance


As a brand that is in its early stages of franchising in the UK, it will be increasingly important to ensure that new franchisees match a target level of revenue and profit set out by HITIO. Your franchise agreement should set out any minimum targets for your performance and how not meeting these targets could affect your chances of renewal and may leave you subject to additional fees.


3. Location


HITIO is currently seeking expansion in the UK after opening and running 30 successful gyms in Norway. Therefore, they are open to any area in the UK with a large population, in particular any communities with families and young children.

Larger cities might be more suited to their business model, with sites immediately available to new franchisees across the UK. Their only requirement for a location is that it is “favourable and reasonable”.

What are the franchise terms of agreement

and renewal for HITIO Gym?

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The terms of the agreement and renewal for HITIO state that the initial franchise agreement lasts for 5 years. After this period, franchisees can renew their contract for a further 5 years before requiring another renewal.


Is HITIO Gym a good fit for you?

cost to buy and own a Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise

Opening a HITIO gym franchise may not be for everyone, so it’s important to weigh up every factor before investing in this franchise. You should also consider whether the HITIO franchise aligns with your aspirations for running a fitness franchise.


1. The target market of the average HITIO Gym Franchise


The target market for the average HITIO gym franchise is not only adults looking to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle but also for parents to be able to train with their children. The main USP for HITIO is that parents can use the same facility with their children without needing to drop their children off at a club or find time to train outside of childcare responsibilities.

This is why HITIO has a much larger customer base than traditional gyms, meaning franchisees also need to consider how they market their gyms to families and how they approach making their gyms good for them.


2. Is a HITIO Gym fitness franchise right for your chosen location?


As HITIO is targeting families, the ideal location might be the suburbs of a city or larger neighborhoods. Planting this type of franchise in the middle of a bigger city may not attract the right target market.


3. Other factors to consider when deciding whether owning a HITIO Gym Franchise is right for you


Other factors to consider include whether you are prepared as a franchisee to adopt HITIO’s business model of being family-orientated and whether you have the right experience and knowledge of implementing combat sports in a gym setting. You may also want to consider how fast you could grow your HITIO membership base or how easy it might be to operate this type of franchise model daily.


Are you a good fit for the HITIO Gym Franchise?

Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise requirements

To decide whether you’re a good fit for the HITIO franchise, consider whether this brand aligns with your values and whether you have what they’re looking for.

If you are passionate about bringing martial arts-inspired fitness to adults, children, and families, and are happy to offer up part of your gym space for this purpose during off-peak hours, then you could be a prime candidate.

You’ll also need to consider whether you have the available investment and a minimum net worth of £500,000 to £1,000,000, depending on the size, and liquid capital assets of between £20,00-£100,000. Although you don’t need experience in the industry, a passion for fitness, good business acumen, and communication skills are requirements.


Process of taking a HITIO Gym Franchise

how much money does a gym or fitness franchise owner make

Here are a few steps to follow if you’re interested in applying for a HITIO franchise:


Step 1 – Reach out

Firstly, make an initial enquiry via their online contact form to request more information on how exactly their franchise model works and to discuss your ideas in terms of area and size.


Step 2 – Consultation

HITIO’s franchisee recruitment will then get in touch with you to arrange for a consultation. During this phase, they will share the way their business model works, explore the benefits for you, discuss your investment plans and make an assessment of your viability.


Step 3 – Business planning

After the consultation, HITIO’s team will work with you to draw up more formal plans. This can include a strategy to launch and grow the business. It will also include signing a franchise agreement to get the process started.


Step 4 – Site selection

HITIO will work with you to identify specific sites in areas you’d like to explore starting your facility, using their geographic information system Mango to identify viable sites based on local demographics and market analysis.


Step 5 – Fitout

Once you’ve agreed on a site, HITIO will work with you and their supplier Matrix Fitness to negotiate good deals on everything you need for your fitout, including signage, equipment, and machinery.


Step 6 – Training

Next, HITIO’s central support team will work with you to implement a training plan and help prepare any marketing materials you need to promote your business and grow your membership.


Step 7 – Grand Opening

With everything in place, you can now launch and manage your new fitness facility, with business support available from HITIO round the clock.



If you’re considering opening and operating a fitness franchise, there are many things to first consider including the cost to open a HITIO franchise. HITIO could be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a business model that focuses on creating a family-friendly environment in the gym and you have the ambition to meet the brand’s performance targets.

If in doubt, consult with HITIO to check that you meet their requirements for ownership.




HITIO gym franchise requirements,HITIO gym franchise opportunities

1. How to Start a HITIO Gym Franchise


To start a HITIO franchise:


  • Contact HITIO with your details and express interest in the franchise
  • Attend a consultation meeting with HITIO recruitment team to run through eligibility
  • Work with HITIO to explore your desired locations using Mango software to assess market viability
  • Put together a business plan and explore funding opportunities
  • Complete the design and fitout of your new fitness site in conjunction with HITIO and Matrix Fitness
  • Receive relevant training from HITIO and business support to promote your business
  • Launch and promote your new fitness franchise


2. How much does owning a HITIO Gym franchise cost


The HITIO franchise cost of ownership will vary depending on the location of the franchise and the demographics of the area. There are a few factors to consider however when looking at the overall cost, including:


  • Initial investment fees (£49,500)
  • Royalties (8%)
  • Utility fees
  • Marketing costs
  • Labour costs


3. Is a HITIO Gym franchise profitable?


HITIO is continuously expanding in the UK and with the health and fitness industry booming you are likely to receive a healthy profit from this business, especially when it comes to providing children with a safe space to exercise. HITIO is more profitable than other types of gyms due to it attracting a much larger customer base with family memberships.


4. What questions to ask when buying a HITIO Gym franchise?


During your initial consultation stages, it’s extremely beneficial to ask questions to further implement your understanding of the responsibilities of franchise ownership. Some of these questions could include:


  • What kind of business support does HITIO offer?
  • What are the initial fees I have to pay to set up the franchise?
  • What other conditions do I have to meet to become a HITIO franchisee?
  • What is the average profit for a HITIO owner?

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