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5 reasons why over training is a bad idea

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Exercising & Lifestyle

Exercise is medicine, there is no doubt about it, and regular exercise is very important for a health mind and body. However, like all good things there comes a point when excess can become a problem. What constitutes too much will of course depend on each individual.

However just be aware that the following 5 issues can occur if you train too much:

1. Overtraining can cause weight loss plateau!
Yes, for many of us the number one reason to train is to try and shift a few pounds and drop a dress size or get rid of the beer belly. You may be surprised to learn that training too much can actually lead to a plateau in weight loss and in some cases even result in weight gain.

2. Your menstrual cycle can be affected by overtraining
A drop in estrogen as a result of overtraining can cause premature bone loss which can lead to injury.

3. Sleeplessness
Sleep is essential as it is when you build muscle and recover and over training can often lead to insomnia. If you are unable to sleep then your body does not get the chance to produce hormones for recovery and instead may produce stress hormones such as cortisol, which can in turn make insulin rise and increase your craving for carbs – and we all know what that means!

4. Delayed-onset muscle soreness
Often referred to as DOMs, delayed-onset muscle soreness is often experienced after a hard workout – unless you are using specialised equipment such as a HIT Machine which is designed to reduce DOMs. This type of soreness can last for a day or two after training, however if it is lasting for longer than this then it is a good sign that you are pushing yourself too hard.

5. Mood change
Overtraining can lead to you having more negative moods, feel more tense, feel depressed, angry, tired and confused. This can also lead to a reduction in motivation and is likely due to alternations in endocrine hormones and changes in the nervous system.

Fortunately, a simple solution to overtraining exists at your local HITZone. Take part in a short 25-minute session with small groups led by experienced coach. 

This allows you to spend minimal time training, burn maximum calories and feel safe knowing that you are under the watchful eye of a qualified personal trainer. 

The sessions are heart rate monitored so that you can constantly track your progress and the HIT Machines are specially designed to reduce DOMS, so you won’t get the same soreness experienced when going to a regular gym.

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