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Exercise Guide – Bent Knee Crunch

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Exercise Guides

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Bent Knee Crunch

A core workout performed at HITZone is the Bent Knee Crunch. This is an abdominal workout performed on the floor. There are many different types of crunches and this particular version uses our patented HIT Machine technology to provide resistance and you keep your knees bent throughout the exercise.

You start in the laying down position with your feet bent and your hands on the handles or the HIT Machine and then push up in a single fluid motion, lifting your head and shoulders off the floor and push the HIT Machine handles into the air with a straight arm while keeping your bum and feet on the floor. Then you return to the starting position while under control and repeat.

Benefits of the Bent Knee Crunch
As with any crunch in which your upper body moves directly toward your legs, the rectus abdominis muscle is targeted and you will also work the obliques. These muscles help to stabilise you when you sit, walk and run.

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