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Commitment can turn a promise into a reality

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Exercising & Lifestyle

If you are making a commitment to something Cambridge English Dictionary defines that as, ‘a firm decision to do something.’

We all know that commitment is a monumental part of exercise, exercising even once a week requires commitment and motivation, but people live busy lives and often find reasons not to commit to exercise and fitness.

  • “I’m really tired today, I will go tomorrow”
  • “I am too busy with work this week”
  • “I don’t have time tonight the kids are at home”

Does this sound like anyone you know?

These are excuses.

Excuses, reasons we create to defend their behaviour, postponing an action or neglecting a responsibility.

Exercise is a great way for your brain to produce endorphins, these endorphins interfere with your perception of pain resulting in a positive energy. That great feeling you experience after a workout. Because these released endorphins interact with opiate receptors in your brain your they reduce stress and anxiety.

This means when your life is at its busiest and most stressful time, your body is crying out to be exercised, even if your brain is telling you a hundred reasons to give it a miss.


1. Fun
Pick something you enjoy – we hope that’s HITZone

2. Repetition
Make it a habit – let exercise become a positive routine

3. Location, location, location
Select a convenient location – HITZone’s community is forever growing, if you are waiting for a zone to open near you, we hope it does too soon, (or OPEN ONE!) If you travel a distance to HITZone make your journey enjoyable, listen to an inspiring podcast or play motivational music to get you in the mood.

4. Accountability 
Have an accountability partner! Train with a friend, go together and make each other accountable. Or make HITZone friends who train in the same sessions as you.

5. Measure
Record your progress – we will help with this by providing your heart-rate and calorie burning stats for each class, but it doesn’t hurt to take pictures at home, create a fitness journal and track your journey.

Why Membership Commitment 
We are occasionally asked by HITZone members about the possibility of a pay-as-you-go membership. Commitment is essential to success, which is why at HITZone we only offer our members commitment membership packages as supposed to pay-as-you-go membership. As many of you will have already experienced at regular gyms, ‘pay-as-you-go’ often mean you just don’t go – because you have not made that commitment and you don’t feel like you are losing out by not going.

At HITZone we want you to succeed, we want you to feel better, to sleep better to have more fun with your kids and to live a long, happy and active life. Committing to a HITZone membership package is the first step! 

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