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Opening a Jetts Gym Franchise – Opportunities, Requirements, Cost, Owner Profit, Ownership Fees & More!

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Franchising

A Jetts Gym franchise can be an especially profitable choice of gym thanks to a high-return investment model that lets you develop a premium experience with tremendous benefits for members and for yourself. 56% of people in the UK find gyms to be an intimidating environment – Jetts aims to combat this by making sure every attendee can exercise on their own terms.

Before investing in this brand, it’s important to figure out if the Jetts Gym model is right for you. In this article, we look at the benefits, requirements, and steps of investing in a Jetts Fitness franchise.


Benefits and Opportunities of Becoming a Jetts Gym franchise owner

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There are many Jetts Gym franchise opportunities and benefits to account for, such as:


• Award-winning brand:

Founded in 2007, Jetts Gym has more than 300 gyms across 6 international territories, allowing you to become part of a global brand with a strong reputation in the industry


• High-return business model:

The Jetts brand prides itself on a highly profitable approach to investment – one which always adapts to modern trends alongside the diverse needs of its members.

The cost of opening a Jetts Gym franchise ranges from a minimum £150,000 and up to $700,000 for larger sites The high return model the Jett Fitness franchise relies on is managed through a very strict location approval process and thorough analysis of demographics and behavioral traits of the chosen location.

In brief, the model assumes a high membership base, hence the location and demographics of your Jetts Fitness gym franchise are critical to the brand delivering on its promise to the owners.


• Comprehensive support from the Jetts Fitness franchise team:

Jetts Fitness 24/7 provides comprehensive turnkey support to its franchisees which uses years of industry experience to make sure you’re ready for any type of issue that your gym might face.

This includes providing Jett Fitness owners with access to the company’s network of estate agents and solicitors, a preferred partnership program for acquiring gym equipment, architects to support with the design and building of the actual gym, marketing agencies, building companies, and funding, to name just a few.


• Building a community:

Jetts Gym places a large focus on community engagement due to the many benefits of group sessions and mutual encouragement – as both allow you to make a difference.


• The perfect fitness formula:

Members can enjoy an excellent experience tailored to their results, with 24/7 gym access, letting Jetts Fitness franchisees benefit from an engaged and loyal membership. And, of course, the lower staffing costs associated with this model contribute to Jetts Fitness delivering its high-profit ROI promise to its franchisees.


• Multi-franchise ownership:

90% of Jetts Gym franchisees are multi-site operators, allowing you to develop your portfolio for further growth, under a variety of discounting agreements that will reduce start-up and ongoing costs, yet again contributing to the “high return” promise made by Jett Fitness to its franchisees.


How does the Jetts Gym franchise model work?

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Here are some important factors to consider before buying a Jetts Gym franchise vs buying other to gym franchises:


1. Jetts Gym franchise requirements


The requirements for a Jetts Gym franchise include:


• Limited experience:

Jetts Gym boasts low ownership experience requirements and is happy to take care of more logistical matters than competitors, making this brand a good choice for first-time franchisees.


• Inspirational leadership:

This brand prioritises investors who intend to inspire the community and encourage them to exercise, making it essential that you commit to engaging with your local fitness community.

• Brand compatibility:

Along similar lines, the Jetts Gym organisation has a specific model which involves high-intensity sessions in small groups; you should be able to promote these specific services with passion.

At the same time, the high membership model is at the core of Jett Fitness 24/7 ‘s promise of high returns to its owners, hence franchisees must be able to demonstrate the ability to run this model – from close control of P&L i.e. cost control, staffing etc, while also adhering to Jetts Fitness’s brand standards at all times.

Not all owners are able to juggle well these two competing requirements, hence the fit between the Jett Fitness franchise and its potential franchisee is critical for both parties.


• Long-term aspirations:

While Jetts will work with any devoted franchisee that fits their vision and requirements, the company is particularly welcoming to investors showing a long-term commitment by potentially owning several Jet Fitness 2/7 franchises. By implication, high-net-worth franchises may be a better fit for Jett Fitness’s long terms franchise growth model.

• Obsession with providing value to its members:

One priority Jett Fitness sets clear to its potential franchisees is the focus on providing great member experience and value at all times. In fact, several of the brand’s values evolve around member experience, including their “Listen. Learn. Improve. Repeat”, “We’re All in This Together”, and “WOW the member” values.


2. Minimum cost/investment to buy and own a Jetts Gym franchise


The usual Jetts Gym startup fee involves a minimum investment of £150,000 though this can go up to $700,000 for specific space and scale needs. The initial Jetts Gym franchise cost includes a licence fee of £29,500.


3. Initial Jetts Gym franchise startup fees


There is no information on all the different costs involved in starting a Jetts Fitness franchise, however, as we have seen the initial franchise licensee fee is £29,500. Jetts Fitness also emphasizes its comprehensive support to its franchisees, from owner and staff training, to access to the brand’s partners in property, marketing, architecture, and more.

Lease payment once the site was identified, construction, furniture, gym equipment, pre-launch inventory, and pre-launch marketing campaigns are just a few of the many further costs to consider. The first step in discussing a Jetts Fitness franchise agreement with the brand is signing an NDA, hence all these costs will be made clear at the time.


4. Expected Jetts Gym franchise revenue


There is limited information on the revenue that Jetts Gym owners enjoy, but low staff requirements, carefully chosen locations, and strong brand support are at the core of Jetts Fitness’s promise of high returns to their franchisees. Revenue generally comes from membership, and 85% of Jetts regular members use a fortnightly direct debit for their payment model.

It is possible, of course, to provide a very wide assumption on the number of members required to breakeven, based on dividing the opening costs (£150,000 to $700,000) to the average annual membership cost (£540) – hence a very wide estimate shows a requirement of 277 members to 1020 members to breakeven against initial investment in your Jetts Fitness franchise.


5. Costs associated with running a Jetts Gym franchise


As a 24/7 gym brand, Jetts will naturally have higher utility costs per week compared to other gyms due to the equipment running at all times. You must also account for staffing costs as sales team members make £24,421-£34,000 a year and manager roles cost the business £32,000-£35,000 annually.


6.  Predicted average income/profit of a Jetts Gym franchise owner


Information surrounding a Jetts Gym franchise owner’s average profit is scarce – though this brand can receive a high number of pre-sale members. For example, a Jetts studio in Brixton broke records by getting over 1,300 members before opening, meaning strong profit is more than achievable.


A look at the Jetts Gym franchise agreement & policies – main points

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Your Jetts Gym franchise agreement should include these key policies:


1. Franchisee obligations


Your Jetts franchise agreement aims to set out exactly what the brand expects from you, such as your duties as a franchisee. For example, it’s usually your responsibility to choose and justify a potential new gym location. As Jetts places a major emphasis on engaging with the community, the agreement also outlines your public-facing duties.


2. Franchisor provisions


Owning a Jetts Gym franchise also means attending mandatory training sessions; your agreement should detail this in full. There will also be comprehensive information on the specific types of support which the Jetts brand offers both before and after opening. This includes help with marketing as well as updates to the brand’s usual practices.


3. Payments and fees


This franchise agreement also specifies the exact amount of royalties the brand expects each month; this could depend on your location, but is typically around 6%. Even if the gym fails to make a profit, you need to pay these royalties and other recurring fees which ensure your franchise can continue using the Jetts name.


4. Dispute resolution


As a legally-binding document, the franchise agreement illustrates what may happen if you aren’t able to fulfil your obligations as an owner. For example, if you fail to pay a re-license fee, you might be open to legal action from Jetts Gym. The franchisor also reserves the right to cancel your ownership in certain circumstances.


What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

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Your Jetts Gym investment usually lasts 5–7 years – with the option of renewal if you find this to be a profitable and enjoyable experience. Owning a Jetts Gym franchise could also be especially lucrative if you buy additional sites, potentially influencing the decision to renew your commitment to this brand for yet another 5–7 years.

If you instead decide not to continue as a franchise owner after this period, you can ‘return’ the site to Jetts who will select a new franchisee.


Is Jetts Gym a good fit for you?

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Here are the most important factors that can help you figure out if Jetts Gym is the best choice of franchise for you:


1. The target market of the average Jetts Gym franchise


Jetts franchises are open 24/7, making them ideal for people on busy schedules or who would otherwise need a flexible gym. The small yet intense daytime group sessions also show that this brand is a great choice for any gym member seeking a close-knit community of results-driven exercisers.


2. Is a Jetts Gym franchise right for your chosen location?


One of the main Jetts Gym franchise requirements is a strong location. The brand has connections with leading real estate partners across the country who could help you find the best site. Flexible payment options with no lock-in contracts also ensure the gym is suitable for low-income areas.


3. Other factors to consider when deciding whether owning a Jetts Gym franchise is right for you


Jetts gyms typically only require a few full-time staff members, with zero-hour contracts available for part-time personal trainers; this reduces costs significantly. The incredible success of other Jetts gyms during the pre-sale period could also be highly attractive to potential investors.


Are you a good fit for the Jetts Gym franchise?


To become the owner of a Jetts Gym franchise, there are certain requirements and criteria that you must fulfill. For example, you should be open to potential changes to the Jetts formula, especially as the brand always aims to accommodate member feedback.

If you have no previous experience with a gym brand, the company places an emphasis on aiding first-time owners; so a Jetts Gym franchise for sale can be an excellent opportunity. You should also have a clear passion for helping members live a better life.


Process of taking a Jetts Gym franchise

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The five main steps of opening a Jetts Gym franchise are:


1. First Meet the Jetts’s UK Franchise Team

Your first step when you invest in any fitness franchise is to make sure the brand is the right choice for you. Hence the first step in the franchising process is meeting Jetts’s UK franchising team, signing your NDA agreement, and discussing and clarifying the opportunities.


2. Jetts Fitness’s franchisee checks

If all is well, and you decide to take a Jetts Fitness 24/7 franchise, the brand will proceed with its own checks i.e. financing eligibility, location, etc.


3. Agree on the location (s) of your Jetts Fitness gym franchisee

If the brand is satisfied that you are the right fit for becoming its franchisee, you will proceed to the next step, which is choosing the location for your Jetts Gym franchise.


4. Pay franchise fees

After identifying a viable site and the specific cost to open a Jetts Gym franchise in this location, it’s time to pay the fee and execute the franchise agreement. If you need financial assistance, a Business Acquisition or Owner Financing Loan could help.


4. Pay franchise fees

Once the site is identified, you will proceed with securing the lease for the site.


4. Prepare the launch

While your site undergoes construction or renovations, the Jetts franchise team organises training sessions that allow you to run the business with confidence. Member pre-sales may begin with a significant discount at this stage, and you must recruit the relevant staff for your Jett’s franchise gym.


5. Open your franchise

Upon the completion of training and construction, you can formally launch your Jetts Gym studio.



Whether you are an experienced gym franchisee or have no experience at all, the Jett team franchising team will support owners at every step of the way, providing access to a network of real estate agents and solicitors, preferred partner discounts, funding partners and much more. In fact, the Jetts franchising team proudly states that “Our Business Owners Don’t Need To Know How To Open Gyms…”

Ultimately, from brand’s perspective, it’s paramount that you accommodate the specific niche of Jetts Gym franchises; flexibility and strong member results are key aspects of this company’s approach, for example. So long as you follow the brand’s unique requirements, your tenure as an owner could be highly successful.



jetts gym franchise opportunities,jetts gym franchise requirements

1. How to start a Jetts Gym franchise

• Contact the Jetts UK team to see what they expect from franchisees.
• Provide them with a business plan that shows your idea for the gym.
• Decide on a specific location for the gym based on demographics.
• Identify a viable franchise site and pay the Jetts Gym franchise fees.
• After finding a site, lease the space and sign any relevant documents.
• Undertake Jetts Gym training whilst your gym’s construction begins.
• Launch your Jetts Gym franchise and start accepting new members.


2. How much does owning a Jetts Gym franchise cost?


Jetts Gym franchises cost an average of £150,000 and go up to $700, 000. Of course, other costs must be considered, with Royalty fees, staffing, and utilities being some of the important considerations when assessing the profitability of your Jetts Fitness 24/7 franchise


3. Is a Jetts Gym franchise profitable?


The high percentage of multi-site owners points to the healthy profitability of a Jetts Gym franchise. The main factor in a Jetts Gym franchise owner’s average profit is the number of members. These gyms are accessible to people of any income (membership is around £40 per month) and experience level, maintaining a broad audience for higher profits.

While there is no information available on the level of profitability of a Jetts Gym franchise, a very wide estimation of the breakeven point can be made based on the initial cost of opening and average gym membership rates.

Hence, given the initial opening costs (£150,000 to $700,000) and the average annual membership cost (£540), we can assume that Jetts franchise owners could break even when acquiring from 277 members to 1020 members, depending on the level of investment.

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