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Opening a 9Round Gym Franchise – Opportunities, Requirements, Cost, Owner Profit, Ownership Fees & More!

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Franchising

Owning a 9Round fitness franchise comes with a number of clear benefits, especially when you account for the brand’s boutique model and its potential for higher profits. 9Round focuses on a kickboxing workout that can effectively exercise the whole body in 30-minute sessions.

As 36% of the UK’s population believes there simply isn’t enough time in the day to attend a gym, this brand could reach a valuable demographic. There could even be a profitable 9Round gym franchise for sale near you. In this article, we look at 9Round’s place on the market, costs to open, how to start it, and the return on investment it could offer to owners.


Benefits and Opportunities of Becoming a

9Round fitness franchise owner

9Round franchise opportunities,9Round franchise requirements

There are many potential 9Round fitness franchise opportunities and benefits, such as:


• Flexible models:

You can be a passive/semi-absentee owner who appoints a manager to act on their behalf, or an owner-operator who exclusively devotes their attention to the club.


• Accessible workout:

With around 42 % of people struggling to find the time or motivation to attend a fitness franchise, a 9Round gym’s 30-minute classes can easily draw in a large local audience.


• Low overhead requirements:

It’s easier to find a suitable space for your 9Round club; these facilities will only need around 1,500-1,800 square feet in order to reach their full potential.


• Marketing support:

The 9Round brand can take care of marketing both before and after launch, assisting you with proven campaigns that help you to attract many members in the area.

• Turnkey business strategy:

9Round emphasizes the need for strong service and is always pushing the brand and its many clubs to new heights with over 14 years of continuous growth.


• Low investment fees:

These clubs have a minimum investment of £80,000-£90,000, which is often a lot lower than most gyms and reflects this brand’s status as a scalable boutique club.


How does the 9Round gym franchise

model work?

9Round franchise opportunities,9Round franchise requirements

The main factors to consider before becoming a 9Round fitness franchisee include:


1. 9Round fitness franchise requirements


The usual requirements for this franchise are:


• Limited experience:

You don’t require substantial gym ownership experience and can instead delegate this to a gym manager who better understands the usual needs of a 9Round fitness franchise.


• A small space:

The internal 9Round team have found that smaller spaces are generally better for their model, making every workout more personal for members and generating a stronger rapport.


• Training attendance:

Even if you delegate the gym management to a separate staff member, you still have to complete 9Round training before opening – and annually after the franchise launches.


• Time commitment:

With a mandatory ten-year contract whenever you commit to a 9Round club, you should devote at least 10–15 hours every week to your franchise even as a semi-absentee.


• Financial investment:

Your total brand investment could reach up to £225,000 – the brand allows you to call upon financial aid to achieve this total and guarantee you deliver an excellent service.


2. Minimum cost/investment to buy and own a 9Round fitness franchise


The usual cost to buy and own a 9Round fitness franchise begins at £80,000-£90,000, eventually reaching a far higher total with the costs of equipment and other requirements. You might require financial aid from a third party to find the funds you need – but 9Round has financing partners who can help with this.


3. Initial 9Round fitness franchise startup fees


The overall 9Round gym startup fee is around £180,000-£225,000, representing every initial expense that the owner contends with before launch. For example, this can also cover hiring costs and helps finance the training they undertake to serve as a successful semi-absentee owner or even a proficient owner-operator.


4. Expected 9Round fitness franchise revenue


There is limited information on the revenue that these clubs generate – though the 9Round brand has enjoyed continuous growth since its beginning. The company finished 2018 with a gross of $142 million (around £114.5 million) due to its worldwide expansion and aims to ensure owners receive the same dividends. By 2022, the brand made substantial profits of $940,000.


5. Costs associated with running a 9Round fitness gym franchise


With low staff requirements (possibly just three personal trainers and an optional manager), you might be able to ensure your expenses remain similarly low. As a small space with few machines that use electricity, you may also manage to significantly reduce utility costs compared to other brands.


6. Predicted average income/profit of a 9Round fitness franchise owner


A 9Round fitness franchise owner’s average profit depends upon location, number of members, and the gym’s operational expenses. While exact numbers aren’t available, owners regularly report high profits as part of this fast-growing gym brand. You should be able to get a full return on your investment in 2–3 years.

It’s worth noting that kickboxing, as well as many other mixed martial arts, are growing in popularity thanks to sporting events like UFC. Sales in kickboxing equipment are on the rise, pointing to significant growth and uptake in this activity. All of this bodes well for those looking to invest in a 9Round franchise that focuses on kickboxing.


A look at the 9Round fitness franchise

agreement & policies – main points

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The main points of the 9Round fitness franchise agreement include:


1. Mandatory fees


Your franchise agreement should set out your financial obligations to the brand, up to and including the cost to open a 9Round gym franchise. If you begin with the aim of owning multiple sites, the document establishes the discount you receive. It also details the monthly 9Round royalty fee – usually a fixed sum of around £360.


2. Brand support


9Round boasts consistent and thorough support, which they include as a core part of their agreements; this can include in-house onboarding and regional training sessions for staff. The executive team also has access to pre-sale and post-launch marketing campaigns and may even commit to providing this same assistance as a part of their franchise agreement.


3. Franchisee participation


The owner of a 9Round fitness franchise can either be an owner-operator or a semi-absentee who appoints an independent manager to fulfill key operational duties. Your agreement sets out how many hours you should be able to devote to the brand in either scenario, letting you understand the obligations you have to your 9Round fitness investment.


4. Sales Restrictions


Many brands, including 9Round, place restrictions on what these franchises can sell – such as through vending machines located on the premises. You cannot sell unapproved products or services and will likely need to pay more for products that aren’t from a designated supplier. This might be in the form of foregoing an acquisition discount.


What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

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The usual terms for a 9Round franchise cover ten years, ensuring that every owner remains involved across this time period, even if they take a semi-absentee role. If you fail to devote adequate time to the gym in this period, it’s possible that the 9Round team might replace you or even ask you not to renew your contract. If you choose to renew the agreement, you can extend your 9Round franchise ownership by five or even another ten years.


Is 9Round Fitness a good fit for you?

investing in a gym or fitness franchise - Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym

Here are the factors that you should consider to see if 9Round is the right franchise for you:


1. The target market of the average 9Round fitness franchise


The boutique model of 9Round franchised gyms packs a full-body workout into nine 3-minute ‘rounds’, making this brand ideal for people with limited time. Though the exercises are suitable for most age groups, the company mainly targets working-aged people and comes with an accessible monthly membership fee of £49.


2. Is a 9Round fitness franchise right for your chosen location?


9Round franchises require only a small space due to the low membership requirements to break even, making it easier to find a suitable site. In terms of a specific location, it might help to situate the club near a central business district (CBD) – this allows people to easily attend before or after work.


3. Other factors to consider when deciding whether owning a 9Round fitness franchise is right for you


Another key consideration is the low staff requirements of these gyms – they could succeed with only 2-4 staff members, significantly limiting your long-term costs. The level of support which the franchise offers might also be a big factor, allowing you to make sure your gym succeeds.


Are you a good fit for the 9Round fitness franchise?

best gym and fitness franchises in the UK - Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym

You also need to consider if you would be a good choice of owner for the brand. The semi-absentee option can be a factor, helping you maintain control of your gym even without too many obligations. However, you should still be able to give at least 10–15 hours to your 9Round franchise each week.

As the brand focuses primarily on kickboxing and strength training, it can also help to have some experience with these services and how they often differ from typical gym classes.


Process of taking a 9Round fitness franchise

Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise cost and fees

The main steps you should follow to open a 9Round franchise include:


1. Investigate the brand

Your first step should always be to make sure you choose a franchise that fits your preferences; this can ensure you stay invested in the brand. As the 9Round fitness franchise startup cost is somewhat low, you might decide to invest in this company.


2. Submit an application

Contact the 9Round team with information on your location, net worth, and financing needs; you’ll likely fill in a more-detailed application once they respond. Providing your financial information could help the team see if you can afford the usual 9Round fitness franchise price.


3. Pay the franchise fee

Once you complete the formal application and sign a franchise agreement, you must pay the required 9Round fitness franchise fees. The brand has access to a range of financial partners – and is happy to help you gain the relevant capital for your overall investment.


4. Prepare your 9Round club

While attending the pre-sale training, construction may begin on your gym in its chosen location. This includes installing the relevant equipment such as a freestanding bag for kickboxing. At this stage, the brand also starts a marketing campaign and opens membership pre-sales.


5. Launch the gym

Once you put the finishing touches onto your 9Round gym with the brand’s official ‘starter kits’, you can set an exact launch date.




Investing in a 9Round gym franchise may be an exciting experience for both first-time and experienced owners. As a boutique fitness centre which provides short and powerful sessions, this can be very successful in areas with a high proportion of employed, time-poor individuals. These models typically require higher prices to make up for the low membership requirements, ensuring the 9Round fitness franchise owner’s average profits remain high. If you want to invest in a brand that could adapt to your needs as a semi-absentee owner or even an owner-operator, investigate any local 9Round fitness franchise opportunities.



9Round franchise opportunities,9Round franchise requirements

1. How to start a 9Round fitness franchise

• Contact the 9Round team and inquire about starting a franchise.
• Sign the franchise agreement after reading it from start to finish.
• Decide upon a rough gym location and seek out a suitable space.
• Pay the 9Round fitness franchise cost and start the construction.
• Attend pre-sale training to better understand the gym’s nuances.
• Begin hiring your 9Round team, potentially including a manager.
• Launch your franchise – and begin accepting new club members.


2. How much does owning a 9Round fitness franchise cost?

With an overall cost of £180,000-£225,000, these gyms are much more affordable than gyms such as Snap Fitness, for example, though other boutiques are usually cheaper. Operating costs are generally low due to the small space, energy, and staff requirements; this also helps to make the franchise more profitable.


3. Is a 9Round fitness franchise profitable?

Though it can take years to reach a profit, it’s definitely possible in the period of your original agreement – the boutique model is a factor in this. With higher prices per session, this typically leads to a higher 9Round fitness franchise revenue, allowing you to break even and make a profit relatively quickly.


4. What questions to ask when buying a 9Round fitness franchise?

More information on the average income of a 9Round fitness franchise owner can be instrumental in choosing the right brand. You might also want to ask how often franchisees renew their contract after the first 10 years, and how much control your appointed managers have over the franchise.

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