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Small Group, Coach-Led Sessions

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Why Join Your HiiT4LiFE Northbridge Fitness Studio?

At our Hitsona studio in Fort Wayne and unlike any gym, you’ll find a friendly community of people who want to lose weight, get stronger and improve their health and happiness. Join our ego-free club to make friends, build connections with like minded people and feel the joy of exercise as a complete beginner or as someone returning to fitness again, with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get great results.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Follow our plan, get results or your money back

Life changing experience regardless of current fitness level

We promise you will enjoy exercise and have fun

25 minutes, fast, effective and fun sessions

Less pain after exercise with Hitsona

All ages and fitness levels can take part together, fully inclusive environment

Unmatched support & community

Join our team of friendly coaches and like-minded members

Social events and gatherings regularly to build social connections

Join a community, not a gym!

No mirrors, No egos, No posers, No exceptions

You won’t find any mirrors in our studio and a no poser policy

No need to feel self-conscious in a welcoming safe space

No bodybuilders or gym bunnies, just a studio full of regular people


  • What a unique exercise class, HIIT for life is inclusive, low impact, fun and most of all only 25 mins per class but the afterburn is amazing. I highly recommend... read more

    Elizabeth Dean Avatar Elizabeth Dean

    For a NON-gym person, I am very much enjoying HIIT4LIFE, even to the point I have added extra classes a week (never thought I would say that!). Mel and Sean... read more

    Jane Prisk Avatar Jane Prisk

    I absolutely love Hiit4life! The 25min workouts are great for a busy working mum. I was surprised at how effective these 25mins workouts are. I was always someone who thought... read more

    Kellie Terry Avatar Kellie Terry

What we offer

25 minute sessions

Short fun and effective sessions with a comprehensive timetable, that you can fit around a demanding career or hectic life with just 25 minutes a few times a week.

Small group exercise

Exercising in a small group of likeminded people means you actually begin to enjoy exercise and stick to it.

Coach led training sessions

Our coaches deliver sessions and health and fitness guidance with comprehensive support needed for Hitsona members to get results. The members just need to attend the sessions and follow their given plan.

Unrivalled Community

We wholeheartedly believe that support and truly belonging to a community are keys to success and happiness. At Hitsona you will be surrounded by like- minded, supportive people who want to see you succeed in becoming a healthier, happier you.

Heart Rate Monitors

Wearing a heart rate monitor allows our coaches to ensure you get the most effective workout possible and geared to your level of fitness, whatever your exercise experience is. If the session’s too hard, you won’t enjoy it. If the session’s too easy you won’t get results.

Unique & Fully Accessible Machines

Great results with our exclusive HIT Machines which respond to the force you apply. This means the harder and faster you move, the more the machine pushes back. With the added benefit of reduced post exercise pain, our HIT Machine sessions a great way to get a high intensity work out in just 25 short minutes.

Social Events & Fun Challenges

Find your inner child and take part in our regular fun challenges and social event. It is our belief that if you create friendships and camaraderie in your exercise environment you are likely to stick to your plan.  By joining a community of others with similar goals and aspirations, you’ll flourish at Hitsona and find an enjoyment in the fun of exercise and healthy living.

Guaranteed Results

Sticking to going to the gym is hard work, but Hitsona is no gym. You will want to come to our fun sessions and by following our guidance, you will achieve great results. If you don’t enjoy your results having stuck to the plan we create for you, after 90 days, we will refund you in full, with no questions asked and no small print.

Unlimited Ongoing Support

Our member community and team of coaches and studio owners are passionate about your success and will be on hand to offer encouragement and accountability. With regular check ins, nutritional support and mindset and lifestyle guidance as and when you need it, to achieve your desired results.

Your Hitsona Northbridge Coaches

Aaron Eisberg

Aaron Eisberg Owner/Head Coach – Aaron has been involved in the fitness industry since 2016. He has expertise in, and has helped hundreds of studios to get set up with, heart rate training, where the data is used to help members better achieve their health and wellness goals. Aaron is an avid golfer as well and when he is not coaching Hitsona sessions, you will probably find him at the golf course! Aaron is married to his Hitsona business partner Amanda and they have 2 kids, aged 14 and 8.

Amanda Eisberg

Owner/Head Coach. Amanda is a certified nutrition coach through NASM (The National Academy of Sports Medicine). She will be your source of nutrition guidance to help you evaluate your nutrition needs, help you implement behavior change strategies, and navigate realistic diet challenges. Amanda is married to her Hitsona business partner Aaron and has 2 kids, aged 14 and 8. Amanda is also an avid crafter and loves to utilize her Cricut as much as possible!

Our Achievements at
Hitsona Northbridge

As we are a brand new studio we don’t have many achievements to share as yet, but when we launch the opening our brand new studio, we will look forward to supporting charities which our personal to us and our members and which will help our local Fort Wayne community.

We are very proud to be bringing the first Hitsona studio to Indiana, following the successes of our sister studios in the USA Elizabethtown and Bardstown, Kentucky.

We are one of 19 Hitsona studios across the USA, Ireland and the United Kingdom who have helped 1000s of members become healthier and happier with our no egos policy and our fully inclusive fitness environment.

At one of our many Hitsona studios in the United Kingdom, we raised almost £10,000 by holding three 24 hour HIIT-a-thon events, a great fun challenged enjoyed by the members.



Reluctant exerciser

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Can’t stand mirrors & egos

Want to be supported and be part of a commnuity

Tight on time

Quick 25 min fast, fun sessions

Hate working out on your own

Want to get fit with people like you

Don’t know what to do in the gym

Want a coach to guide you

Get Results or
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Our focus as the best fitness studio in Fort Wayne is on delivering excellent results; especially to people who might have tried diets or gyms and didn’t get the outcomes that they wanted. At Hitsona Fort Wayne, we tailor our workouts and group training fitness sessions to burn more calories and lower next-day muscle pain. This even allows you to enjoy a controlled calorie burn for 48 hours after the workout, boosting your metabolism and making the HIIT benefits last even longer.

With patented HIT Machines and our experienced fitness coaches running our popular group sessions, you are sure to realize why Hitsona is one of the best exercise options in the Fort Wayne area and we’re proud to offer a service that is so different to that of a gym. Our owners Aaron and Amanda have brought the Hitsona fitness franchise to Indiana because they believes it can change lives by revolutionizing workouts in an exercise for all, fully inclusive environment. Come and see the passion for Hitsona expressed by our studio members and if you don’t see the benefits after you’ve worked your plan, we promise to give you a full refund with our 100% money-back guarantee.

We promise you will find joy in exercise

If going to the gym is starting to feel like a chore and you need a fresh approach, or you are a reluctant exercise or perhaps someone starting out on a fitness journey, here’s how our Hitsona Fort Wayne health and fitness center can help:

Patented HIT Machines that are perfect for our 25-minute high intensity fitness sessions and which provide a low-impact workout with benefits for the entire body.

The local gym will provide you with weights, machines and perhaps trainers and instructors, but at Hitsona we have our dedicated coaches Aaron and Amanda, who work hard to support and encourage your transformative progress using the latest technology of heart rate monitors and exercise protocol.

Our small group exercise classes and sessions at Hitsona Fort Wayne have created a fitness community that helps you connect with like-minded members that you won’t find in the gym.

Our Hitsona Fort Wayne owners and Head coaches Aaron and Amanda use their knowledge of exercise and are always ready to help new members make a unique plan to reach their fitness goals and at Hitsona we offer a support in your journey to health and happiness like no gym would ever do.

We want to make sure you have fun during your workouts again whilst also allowing you to transform yourself with our innovative 25-minute HIIT exercises.

Unmatched Support & Community

At Hitsona we are proud to offer a fitness studio suitable for everyone in our Fort Wayne community. In the past, many of our Hitsona studios in the USA, UK and Ireland have enjoyed sponsoring charity races and other events to help good causes, whilst encouraging people to exercise and get fit. Our Hitsona team does everything they can to support both old and new members by ensuring they have a plan to reach their goals to becoming health and happy. Everyone exercises together as a small group at our studio in Fort Wayne; some members are at peak fitness and some have next-to-no exercise experience though they all support one another through every HIIT exercise session using our exclusive HIT Machines.  Training together with the guidance and support of the coaches has created a strong community of like minded regular people working together to achieve their fitness goals, which is not something a gym member will experience in a regular gym environment.

Our members form a passionate and supportive network which goes beyond a gym community and the members of our fitness studio, often stay in touch over social media, between workout sessions. The non-stop motivation they get from our coaches is why many of our regulars name us as the best fitness studio with more to offer than many of the best gyms in Fort Wayne, making our Hitsona Fort Wayne fitness studio less like a gym and more like a place for family and friends to come together in a safe, welcoming and fully inclusive fitness environment.

No Mirrors, No Egos, No Posers, No Exceptions

We focus on 25-minute workouts with an emphasis on high-intensity interval training in small groups, helping everyone work together towards a common goal. This means there’s no room for egos or posers in our health and fitness studio as we work hard to guarantee our Fort Wayne fitness sessions have a welcoming atmosphere. We have created a positive environment at Hitsona Fort Wayne, which is so dissimilar to a gym.  The local gym can be an intimidating place, which may be distracting for members who need to feel confident in working out and being in that gym space. However, Hitsona is different, you won’t find any mirrors in our studio or gym bunnies or bodybuilders,  because we don’t want to distract you from your fitness journey but we want you to be healthy, be happy and be you and how you look isn’t important, what matters to us is how you feel!

While we also do one-on-one support and personalized reports, our Hitsona coaches encourage camaraderie among the members of our Fort Wayne studio and we have built a strong community, so whilst you are working towards achieving your personal goals, you will never feel alone on your journey and thanks to our members – who go to great lengths to encourage and support one another, we are able to offer a fitness facility in Fort Wayne which is a welcoming and fully inclusive environment that you just won’t find at the local gym.

What Makes Hitsona Northbridge Different to a Gym?

25 minute, small group sessions

Our Hitsona sessions are designed and delivered for maximum results in the minimum time, so that even the busiest of people can get an effective exercise session in. Small groups of like minded people make Hitsona sessions enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Unique Machines & Heart Rate Monitors

Hitsona’s patented machines make good quality, effective exercise suitable for all fitness levels and allow people new comers to exercise to achieve the same results as experienced gym users. Coupled with our heart rate monitor technology, we ensure every session you do is geared to your level of fitness.

Supportive coaches & community

Hitsona has coaches that care and a community of members that support you. We are a community of people who share one main thing in common. The desire to be healthy, be happy and be authentically themselves in a safe, fun and supportive environment, unlike any gym you have experienced before.

3 Great Locations for Outdoor Exercise in Northbridge

Metea Park Loop

Head out on this 2.6-mile loop trail near Fort Wayne, Indiana. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 51 minutes to complete. This is a super popular trail for hiking, running, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

Fort Wayne Outfitter & Bike Rental

Individuals can rent a kayak by the hour or day at Fort Wayne Outfitters & Bike Rental. Visitors can enjoy stand up paddleboarding or can row their kayak at a leisurely pace up and down three rivers including our beautiful city’s River Greenway Path as well as the Saint Mary’s River and get to see Fort Wayne from a different point of view.

Moser Park at New Haven

Toss a Frisbee – What better way to hone your throwing skills and keep your figure than Frisbee golf! Whether you play by yourself, a partner or a group of friends, you can play this game that combines Frisbee throwing and golf. At Moser Park you can also enjoy the Nature Trail and the Nature Center there, as well as a beautiful Pond, Disc Golf Course and even a Basketball Court.  If Frisbee golf course is your preferred entertainment you can also enjoy this sport in Fort Wayne’s Swinney Park, Shoaff Park and Tillman Park.

How to find us


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+61 411 917 919

Located in the complex next to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant off Washington Center Road and Lima Road. Just north of I-69. In the same complex as the Golden China Chinese Restaurant.

Unfortunately there is no bus service to the Hitsona Fort Wayne studio and travel by car is always your best option. But no need to book a taxi, perhaps you can buddy up with another member and share the travel by car to and from your session.

Just 14 minutes from the centre of Fort Wayne, head north on Center St towards W Main St and take Wells St and Lima Rd to Challenger Pkwy in Washington Township.

Unfortunately there is no train service to the Hitsona Fort Wayne studio and travel by car is always your best option. But no need to book a taxi, perhaps you can buddy up with another member and share the travel by car to and from your session.


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