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Top 21 Gym Fitness Franchises in the UK – Opening Costs, On-going Fees, Growth Opportunities & More!

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Franchising Guides

Understanding the best gym franchises in the UK allows you to see which brand is right for you. Each one has a unique selling point that could perfectly match your preferences as an owner-operator – meaning it’s vital that you thoroughly investigate the options available to you.

There are 21 main franchises throughout the UK that could fit your preferences, with some forming part of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the world. In this article, we look closely at these 21 brands as well as the niche they each occupy, alongside general information you should know about owning a gym franchise.


Benefits of becoming a gym franchisee vs. going solo

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The gym franchise model offers a number of clear benefits to investors. Recent research suggests 19% of people in the UK want to start regular exercise in the near future. Well-known sports and fitness franchises might benefit the most from this increase as those looking to join a gym may naturally gravitate towards acclaimed brands.

However, independent gyms boast a market value of £625 million across over 2,000 facilities, meaning they can offer a significant profit with the right strategy. The main advantage of the franchise model is brand recognition; every known gym name carries an expectation of quality, encouraging members to sign up even before launch.

A key benefit of the solo approach is an increased level of control over your gym and its decisions. Pre-existing franchises have certain rules to follow and selling points to maintain, affecting the types of equipment and classes they can offer to gym members. Depending on your location, there might not be a brand that suits your specific niche demographic – in this case, you could benefit from establishing your own. However, this can lead to a number of logistical issues such as an inability to draw members from existing brands, or limited marketing and training which franchisors often provide themselves.

Budget could easily be a factor in the route you decide to take, though both franchises and solo gyms generally require a big investment to cover construction as well as long-term utility costs. Branded gyms also often come with a licensing fee that allows you to use their name, though the exact price depends upon the value that this identity offers. However, there are budget-friendly brands available; Hitsona fitness studios franchises only require a total investment ranging from £25,000 to £50,000 at most. On top of this, brand investments can include a number of services that cover comprehensive training and equipment discounts.

Startup workout franchises have a much higher possibility of failure compared to established brands, meaning you could benefit from the security of a franchisor that already has a place in the market. There’s also plenty of variety among the best exercise franchises in the UK, allowing you to choose one that targets your audience and their pain points. For example, 40% of people who don’t regularly attend the gym find memberships to be too expensive. With this in mind, selecting a franchise that offers inexpensive memberships (such as easyGym) in a low-income area is often profitable.


Is a gym franchise right for you?

Owning, cost and fees of a Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise

You can only succeed as a gym franchisee if you commit to this unique business model; which usually means having limited control over the gym’s services. This is why your specific brand choice is so important; as this helps you find one which fits your preferences. If you would prefer to have complete control over your gym’s classes and use of machines, an independent gym may be the better option.

Franchisors also have their own requirements for gym owners – Jetts Gym is happy with first-time owners, whilst Orangetheory Fitness typically prefers those with more experience in the exercise industry.


How does the gym franchise model work?

Owning, cost and fees of a Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise

The gym franchise model involves several essential considerations, which you should be aware of before your investment. First and foremost, the initial investment includes a licensing fee that, depending on the franchise, might require renewal after a set period – Hitsona costs £5,000 per year, for example. This is much lower than other gym franchise brands, such as Orangetheory Fitness, which charges £48,500 for a permanent licence. As a boutique gym franchise that thrives even with 30–50 members, Hitsona avoids high up-front costs. This is an investment into a successful brand, letting you become part of the best fitness franchises in the UK.

Gym franchising can involve certain restrictions – though depending on your priorities and preferences, these might match exactly what you’re looking for. Snap Fitness franchises focus on building an inclusive community of exercisers for any schedule or experience level, for example, and this may fit your passions. Similarly, there could even be limits on the goods that you’re able to provide, such as via vending machines on-premises; it’s common to only stock products which your brand permits. The relevant information is explained in the agreement that you must sign to become an owner and create your wellness gym franchise.

This agreement also sets out another financial matter, specifically royalty fees. This is generally around 4-8% of gross sales each month or year – and you must pay this even if your gym is losing money. Some gym franchises take a fixed monthly fee instead; in the case of Anytime Fitness, this is around £500-£600, depending on your gym’s specific area. Staff requirements also fluctuate from one brand to the next; Hitsona studio franchises only need one or two part-time coaches, while Orangetheory Fitness gyms often have relatively large teams. This can have major implications for long-term franchise expenses.


What are the main things you should consider in comparing gym and fitness franchises?

Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise cost and fees

Here are additional factors and considerations to account for when choosing a fitness brand:


1. Minimum investment and costs in opening a gym or fitness franchise


The amount you invest in your wellness gym franchise varies, with Hitsona franchised gyms starting at £20,000 up to a maximum £50,000. This is because of the brand’s strong focus and small overhead costs, which may allow you to close the membership at 150 regular attendees. In contrast, a Snap Fitness facility generally requires £550,000-£750,000 before your gym launches.

You could use an Owner Financing (or Business Acquisition) Loan to offset costs, though much of this must be from your own capital – at least 40% in the case of Snap Fitness franchises.


2. Initial startup fees to open a workout & exercise franchise


Your initial fees usually form only part of the overall investment – a significant amount of this could go towards your chosen gym franchise brand’s licence. This starting price could be less than half of your overall investment between your application and the studio’s launch. For Hitsona gym franchises, your minimum startup fee is £20,000-£50,000, which is closer to the overall cost than most brands. Orangetheory Fitness gyms instead have a startup franchise fee of £451,000, which can grow to a total of £1 million over time.


3. Fees of operating the gym franchise


Running a fitness centre franchise may be expensive, especially if your brand requires a large space to reach its full potential. Orangetheory Fitness is one such brand; and needs between 2,600 and 4,000 square feet to host its main services. You will also need to contend with utility bills – which can be much higher if you select a 24-hour gym or otherwise have many exercise machines running simultaneously. The best fitness franchises in the UK blend technology with tradition, and even one treadmill can cost gyms £270 per week with frequent use.

Staffing requirements are again important for you to take into account. Sales team members for Orangetheory Fitness, for example, make roughly £25,000 each year. In contrast, Hitsona franchises only require one or two part-time coaches (possibly on a zero-hours contract) whose hours are flexible. Salaried trainers and coaches at other franchise brands could cost you a lot more, with Snap Fitness trainers making £28,107 on average. If you cannot afford a populous team, it may be worth investigating low-staff gym franchise options – this often makes it easier to break even.


4. Total investment in your gym franchise


Your total gym investment could range from anywhere between £40,000 and £1 million. This all depends upon the franchise gym brand you select and their own specific requirements. For example, a GYMGUYZ gym franchise has low space requirements due to the fact that their trainers visit clients at their own homes.

Another major expense is machines and other forms of exercise equipment; some gym franchises have specific treadmills and other such machines that franchisees must use. A small Hitsona studio franchise costing £20,000, for example, comes with five patented HIT machines that help gym members burn more calories while also reducing next-day muscle pain.


5. Expected revenue, profit, and timelines from your gym franchise investment


Even among the fastest-growing gym franchises, it could take up to 3 years to see a return on your investment; this again depends on the specific brand. A boutique fitness studio franchise such as Hitsona will break even much faster due to its low start-up costs and high popularity of the concept. According to the IHRSA, boutique studios have been growing 8x faster than traditional gyms across the past decade. Some brands, such as PureGym, will inevitably require at least 400 regular members in order to break even.

Most of a gym’s income (60-80%) is from memberships, making this critical for securing a strong gym franchise profit. These facilities typically have a profit margin of roughly 10-15%. A boutique fitness studio franchise may again see greater benefits due to lower operational costs and generally higher class prices.

Your gym franchisor will work hard to maximise your facility’s profits, such as by employing thorough marketing strategies and applying customer feedback when possible. The best gym franchises in the UK have a reputation that encourages high member turnout – and only approve your studio if they’re confident in its long-term success.


6. Support received as a gym franchisee i.e. training, marketing, staff


Training is often mandatory for gym franchisees as this shows them how to manage the idiosyncratic nature of their chosen brand. For a franchise brand such as Jetts Gym which targets first-time owners, this training will be much more comprehensive. Though the Orangetheory Fitness franchise aims to connect with experienced business owners, the sessions they provide engage with many topics that other brands do not cover, including real estate and pre-sales. Your gym franchise agreement usually sets out the brand’s training obligations, allowing you to see exactly how the support they offer can help.

Many fitness organisations help you with marketing through their nationwide and even international channels, helping you benefit from a built-in audience. Social media algorithms and promotion tools also allow news of a new fitness centre franchise to reach your target audience in the local area. Body Fit Training, for example, can take care of your gym’s marketing needs.

Some franchise brands also independently advertise job openings for your gym and take care of recruitment so you can focus on the gym. Snap Fitness is one such gym franchise brand, and works with Love Recruitment to facilitate this.

7. The competition policies of the gym franchisor


Competition inevitably splits your audience apart; your chosen gym franchise brand could veto your preferred location due to it being near competitors with a similar niche, for example. Franchisors work hard to forecast a gym’s potential success and will not approve a new gym or studio unless they are certain that it’s viable for this area.

The most profitable gym franchises in the UK have only reached this distinction through understanding the sector’s ever-changing market. Anytime Fitness, for example, doesn’t let you set up a gym near a competing franchise.


8. Locations available


Most major international franchise fitness brands operate within and throughout the UK, generally placing no clear limit on which towns and cities are most appropriate. However, the profitability of these workout franchises is a big factor; if you can show the franchisor that there is a vast audience for their gym, they will likely approve it.

For example, Snap Fitness has 87 franchises dotted across the United Kingdom and isn’t limited to major locations, though eight are in London alone. This means sports and fitness franchises can often be more successful in big towns or cities.


9. The actual location of the sports and fitness franchise you are looking to open


Franchisors can be very specific about the locations they want their gyms to operate in. It may be impossible to convince them that a boutique gym franchise with high prices (such as 9Round or Orangetheory Fitness) would be appropriate for a low-income area.

The best gym franchises in the UK succeed because they only approve franchises in areas likely to generate profit, based on a well-developed research process to include demographics, footfall, competition, trends, and location, to name just a few.


10. What are the gym franchise terms of agreement and renewal?


Gym franchise agreements usually last for a set period of time before renewal, primarily to make sure they can secure an owner’s commitment to the brand. Most gym contracts typically last for five or ten years prior to their renewal.

Body Fit Training and Snap Fitness, for example, often ask for five years of ownership before you have the option to renew, or potentially return the gym to the franchisor. Orangetheory Fitness and GYMGUYZ offer ten-year contracts; for Orangetheory, this is due to the high initial investment in their gym franchise model.


11. How easy is it to open a gym or fitness franchise?


Your main barrier to owning a gym franchise is likely to be the initial capital requirements. A Snap Fitness gym franchise can cost up to £750,000, with at least £300,000 of this needing to be from your own money. Though the brand promises a return on investment within 2–3 years, this is still a substantial sum. Among the best gym franchises in the UK, there are no companies that are outwardly difficult to work with. However, this entirely depends on your ability to successfully demonstrate the practicalities of your gym franchise plan to franchisors.

Opening a gym comes with a number of logistical issues, and each franchise handles them in different ways. For example, Snap Fitness can source staff with the help of Love Recruitment but GYMGUYZ and Orangetheory ask you to recruit independently. In terms of marketing, 9Round, Fitness Space, and Body Fit Training offer help on this front – and Anytime Fitness has even won industry-wide awards for their assistance. You must have a clear idea of what your franchisors will take care of before launch, as this could possibly affect your choice of brand.


12. How popular is the gym franchise in the UK?


Though it’s possible to achieve success under any gym brand (and even as an independent studio), you might gain a higher revenue if people already associate your franchise’s name with quality. Jetts 24/7 Fitness recently broke UK records by opening a gym in Brixton that achieved over 1,300 members before launch – showing that brand recognition is a big factor in its franchise’s success.

However, strong marketing, good word-of-mouth, high-quality service, and a well-defined niche are other essential components. You cannot rely exclusively on a brand name; quality remains the most important variable.


13. How much space does the gym franchise require?


Gym site selection is a critical part of the franchise process and usually involves constructing a new space from scratch. Whether you do this or find a suitable pre-existing building, it can often be much easier, and cheaper, to source smaller sites.

Boutique models (such as Hitsona and 9Round) have low space requirements, with the latter only needing 1,500 square feet. This approach also involves fewer machines – leading to massively lower utility fees. GYMGUYZ franchises require no studio space at all, as trainers instead visit clients in their homes or in a public space.


14. Are there benefits to owning multiple sites?


Some brands offer a discount on the franchise fee if you commit to several locations – though you might prefer to wait until a few years into your gym ownership. This helps you guarantee that a second site (or even a third) would be a good investment.

For example, buying three franchise units with Snap Fitness includes a licence fee of £75,000 while just one gym would be £30,000. This dramatically increases your gym franchise profit, though it can take a few more years for this to manifest due to the much higher total investment.


Are you a good fit for the franchise?

Owning, cost and fees of a Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise

While all the best fitness franchises in the UK are excellent opportunities, you must always select a gym franchise that’s right for you. This is the only way to guarantee that you’re able to represent the brand with passion, and franchisors only want owners who believe in their mission. Figuring this out could take the form of checking for basic franchisee criteria; Orangetheory Fitness recommends that applicants have experience in the fitness sector or general business ownership. In contrast, Jetts administers more logistical matters than most brands – making this brand particularly attractive for first-time gym owners.

Your management style can also affect your suitability, with some brands giving you the opportunity to act as a semi-absentee owner. For example, Fitness Space and 9Round allow you to appoint a manager that can handle most administrative duties, though they still expect you to devote 10–15 hours each week to your gym. If you’d prefer a hands-on approach, virtually all brands allow you to be an owner-operator. In the case of GYMGUYZ, it might help to have a personal trainer background prior to your ownership; you could even use this franchise to run your own sessions.


What are the top 21 best gym and

are fitness franchises worth owning?

cost to start up a gym or fitness franchise uk - Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym


Here are 21 of the best fitness franchises to own in the UK:


Snap Fitness
énergie Fitness
Body Fit Training
Anytime Fitness
Hybrid Fitness
Orangetheory Fitness
Gold’s Gym
World Gym
Train Learn Go
The Little Gym
Fitness Space


What are the main selling points of

each of these gym franchises?

best gym and fitness franchises in the UK - Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym

Here are the unique features which make the 21 best fitness gym franchises in the UK worth investing in:


1. Hitsona

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

The Hitsona brand offers one of the most profitable fitness franchises, employing a boutique model which can break even within one month of opening. This is in part due to lower initial investment costs – with franchisees able to open one of these studios with five of their patented HIT machines for a minimum of £20,000. The cost to open a UK gym franchise is often a big barrier for potential investors, and a high-ticket/low-volume approach helps you thrive with even just 30 members. Many Hitsona studios close their membership at 100–150 people and typically become profitable long before this stage.

Hitsona’s main focus is providing a 25-minute workout for time-poor individuals that uses a scientific approach to maximizing calorie burn over time. About 36% of people in the UK believe they don’t have enough time to attend the gym, or exercise in general. Hitsona intends to counter this with high-intensity low-impact training sessions boosted by disruptive patented HIT machines. This equipment helps members to burn up to 17% more calories (up to 500 in each session) with the benefits continuing for 48 hours. You also don’t have to worry about next-day muscle pain, as the machines could reduce this by 80%.

Members can also enjoy a flexible scheduling system that allows them to change their session times with ease; this is another way the Hitsona franchise brand prioritises convenience. In terms of a boutique fitness model, this franchise is also much more affordable than most competitors which occupy a similar niche. With a strong working-class audience and a big focus on ease of access for busy members, Hitsona studios usually find success in business districts. The company also promises a 100% money-back guarantee for their members who don’t reach their weight loss and fitness goals, illustrating their confidence as well as their dedication to being one of the best fitness gym franchises.


2. PureGym

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

PureGym aims to deliver a high-value, low-price service to exercisers across the country, and heavily integrates technology into their model to facilitate this. With over 1.9 million members across 572 sites worldwide, this is a highly successful approach, and might even be one of the best fitness gym franchise selections. The PureGym app is at the heart of the brand – making it much simpler for members to book sessions and access on-demand workouts at home. This means the PureGym experience is one that persists outside your studio, helping you build a stronger and community-focused connection with your regular attendees.

This gym franchise brand often requires a net worth of £1.5 million and a minimum of £400,000 in liquid assets. Though this is a significant investment, and you might require at least 400 gym members to break even, the sheer prestige of the franchise can effectively guarantee a successful launch. PureGym franchises are open 24/7 with a fee as low as £9.99 monthly; even the most expensive membership bracket is only £18.99. As the national average for a gym membership is around £40 a month, this shows the power of PureGym as a budget franchise that offers quality experiences for low-income areas.

PureGym’s own research shows that around 40% of people without a gym membership think that gyms are too expensive. This is a very broad audience, and makes PureGym one of the best gyms to franchise in low-income areas by connecting reluctant exercisers with up to 80 diverse classes. Staffing requirements are also relatively low, costing up to 12% of your revenue, which is much less than most other brands. The flexibility of the model also allows you to establish a PureGym franchise across a wide range of properties, with hundreds of potential sites which are able to match the brand’s usual layout


3. Snap Fitness

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

Snap Fitness is a known franchise throughout the world, with 87 gyms across the United Kingdom and many more in other territories. The organisation experienced a 12% growth between 2020 and 2022 – a trend that is still ongoing and demonstrates exactly why Snap is one of the best fitness gym franchises. Investors benefit from a model which returns their whole investment within 2–3 years. While this is much slower than a HITsona studio, the disparity is due to Snap Fitness having greater capital requirements. For example, a single Snap Fitness gym could involve a total investment of up to £750,000.

Snap Fitness also allows for immediate multi-unit franchising and reduces the combined franchise fee for three units from £90,000 to £75,000. This may not make much of a difference to your total investment but can be an attractive prospect – as many gym brands do not let you take on multiple franchises right away. With the help of an Owner Financing Loan, or a Business Acquisition Loan, you could significantly reduce the costs to your personal capital by up to 60%. Snap Fitness has internal financial partners that you can work alongside to gain a suitable loan and finalise your franchise.

The main selling point of Snap Fitness for gym members is a devotion to inclusivity – making this another franchise brand that aims to target a broad audience. There is a high level of engagement between the gym and its members, which mainly involves staff helping attendees to set personal goals and track their progress. Snap Fitness bills itself as the best fitness gym franchise in terms of empathy, openness, and overall support, with classes that can fit any level of experience. To maintain their broad appeal, the gyms are also open 24/7 and provide personal training as well as group fitness sessions.


4. énergie Fitness

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

The énergie Fitness brand emphasises community at every stage, connecting you with other professionals who understand the pressures that first-time franchisees usually face. Each gym franchise owner undergoes business mentorship, which shows the company’s dedication to equipping the investors with all the vital knowledge they’ll need. All gym staff receive frequent updates to their training in order to match trend changes, with the head office team also helping the franchisee with their initial business plan. The brand’s operations experts will also regularly review the franchise and make sure everyone is up-to-date on their training and can represent the studio / gym without any issues.

In recent years, énergie Fitness has been repeatedly recognised among the best UK workout franchises, in part because of this assistance. The relatively low initial investment of £120,000 also helps them to reduce costs for their members – letting franchisees take advantage of the industry-wide boom for budget gyms. Memberships are available for £19.99 per month, which is again much lower than the national average. The pricing is also on par with PureGym, but may be more convenient for investors due to lower capital requirements. If your goal is to run a budget gym franchise, énergie might be the most suitable brand.

The collaborative foundations of this gym brand also entitle you to supplier discounts, yet another way you can save money on a budget franchise. This helps members access state-of-the-art machines which would normally only be available in more expensive gyms. With énergie Fitness, attendees can enjoy a boutique experience at a low cost, even as a novice. Over half of UK citizens (56%) think the gym is an intimidating experience, and this franchise allows you to create a welcoming atmosphere for the people who need it most. This franchise is best suitable to low-income areas.


5. Body Fit Training

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

As Australia’s fastest-growing fitness brand, Body Fit Training could soon be one of the best exercise franchises in the UK. Though there are only five BFT studios across the United Kingdom, this means there’s a tremendous opportunity for growth by capitalising on the company’s international success. Body Fit Training only started in 2017 and already has a total value of £8 million throughout over 240 studios, showing that UK audiences could definitely benefit from this brand. BFT’s unique approach uses a scientific approach to optimise their workouts in a way akin to HITsona and helps members develop a custom-curated training plan.

Another significant selling point of this franchise for gym members is its dedication to first-time exercisers, with several free trial classes available. This means the gym relies upon the strength and quality of its sessions to guarantee a profit for investors. There are thirteen types of classes available for regular attendees, with each intending to target a person’s muscle fibres, planes of movement, and energy systems. Focusing more on this brand’s usual investment processes, these gyms are relatively cheap, and have a minimum cost of £130,000. Around £35,000 of this goes towards securing a licence to join the BFT community.

Whilst franchisees may worry about the limited presence that this gym brand has in the United Kingdom, Body Fit Training has a lot of potential thanks to their commitment to structure. The internal BFT franchising team is able to ensure your gym’s success and can guarantee you benefit from the brand’s high EBITDA margins. With membership at a generally higher price than many competitors, this premium franchise could be best suited for a high-income area. The staff requirements are also relatively low despite the high number of training programs, allowing you to enjoy fewer logistical issues and save further on long-term costs.


6. Anytime Fitness

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

This brand has over 5,000 gyms worldwide and 190 in the United Kingdom, potentially making Anytime Fitness one of the best fitness franchises to own in terms of sheer recognisability. You have the option to create a new studio from scratch, rebrand a pre-existing gym under the Anytime brand, or even buy an Anytime Fitness gym that the organisation, or previous owner, is selling. No matter how you enter this gym franchise network, you will have access to Anytime Fitness Academy, including hundreds of diverse training courses. The company also hosts an annual conference to reward owners for their work.

When you purchase an Anytime Fitness franchise, you can expect an initial franchise fee of £39,000 as well as a total investment between £455,000 and £745,000. Revenue-wise, you should be able to break even within one month of operation and get a full return on your investment in 18 months – much faster than many major gym brands. A 24-hour studio naturally incurs higher utility costs but the brand’s profitability helps you manage this with ease. Anytime Fitness places a strong focus on personal coaching to assist new and experienced members with their exercise goals, also emphasizing the brand’s inclusive community.

Your Anytime Fitness franchise can also provide corporate wellness services to local companies – helping them reduce employee turnover whilst also letting you better connect with nearby business leaders. For this reason, you may want to situate your gym in a central business district. This location also targets workers who may not have time to visit a gym far from their workplace. Anytime Fitness members can enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of wellness products, including supplements, healthy foods, and smartwatches. By investing in this gym franchise, you can revolutionise the gym experience for both seasoned and novice exercisers.


7. UFC

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

UFC launched its first UK franchise in 2019, and currently intends to have over 100 franchises across the United Kingdom and Ireland by 2028. A significant selling point for potential franchise investors is the ability to choose between a traditional fitness club and a boutique studio. For example, you could own a conventional UFC GYM franchise with premium facilities – including cryotherapy and an adjoining café. Alternatively, you may prefer a state-of-the-art CLASS UFC GYM boutique that capitalises on this model’s continuous growth. Both approaches have had immense success throughout the country, showing the sheer potential of this brand for franchisees.

The type of franchise you select can significantly affect your financial considerations, including the initial costs and your royalty payments. The monthly royalty fee for CLASS boutiques is 6% of gross total sales, while typical UFC GYM franchises only require a 5% royalty, for example. Boutique gyms have far lower space requirements, ranging from 2,500 to 3,500 square feet. In contrast, a conventional studio needs 18,000-40,000 square feet to fulfill its usual operations. This often influences your overall franchise fees, with these larger clubs potentially costing up to £864,000 while a smaller UFC gym might only require £167,000 to establish.

As an extension of the UFC mixed martial arts organisation, there is an instant association with quality that can transcend the gym model itself. Even those unfamiliar with the best exercise franchises in the UK could see the name of your studio and immediately understand the brand’s dedication to full-service fitness. No matter their age or experience level, members benefit from highly-experienced coaches – this brand independently sources their staff to make sure you get the best in the industry. These gyms also provide MMA classes, providing them with a useful niche that is sure to attract general UFC enthusiasts.


8. Jetts

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

Jetts 24/7 Fitness is yet another one of the fastest-growing franchises across the United Kingdom, priding itself on a high-return investment model that brings continuous growth. Most Jetts franchisees enjoy the experience enough to purchase a second gym site; the brand’s integrated operational systems let you easily build on your first gym’s success. As an award-winning company with international representation, you can also benefit from this and immediately begin building your audience. Jetts manages more of the usual logistical considerations when compared to other brands and even provides more support – making this a very good choice for first-time gym owners.

There are few requirements for becoming a Jetts franchisee and you don’t need to worry about having enough experience as an owner-operator. However, this brand still prioritises applicants who have a strong passion for fitness and can adequately lead a team. You could even benefit from sharing your long-term aspirations for the gym, including if you intend to open multiple franchises. This gives the brand further confidence in you and can improve the chances of your application’s success. These gym franchises are relatively cheap and you can become a Jetts partner for around £150,000. This also helps you access the company’s partners.

One significant factor that draws members towards Jetts is their flexible payment options; there are no lock-in contracts and most people pay fortnightly. This allows people to attend at their own pace and convenience so everybody gets exactly what they pay for. The fusion of small group sessions and capped membership also lets the space feel community-driven, granting you a consistent customer base. This brand’s flexible memberships, in tandem with its 24-hour status, means it could be better for exercisers on a busy timetable. The lack of lock-in contracts might also be particularly successful (and convenient) in low-income areas.


9. F45 Training

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

F45 Training franchises focus on high-intensity workouts that last for 45 minutes – allowing them to condense a lengthy gym session into a bite-sized class. These exercises blend circuit and high-intensity interval training together to create an innovative and results-driven model. Though it’s possible to modify the workouts to fit beginners, it’s likely that your target audience would be experienced exercisers wishing to push themselves further. F45 gyms are relatively cheap, making them one of the best gyms to franchise. If you hope to buy an F45 Training studio, the required personal investment is £75,000 while the overall price is roughly £250,000.

As one of the fastest-growing gym franchises in the world, the F45 brand seeks to maintain this growth, as well as its own reputation, through several franchisee requirements. To buy an F45 gym, you should have at least £250,000 in liquid assets, or access to independent investors. You also need a minimum of 1,830 square feet of space – which is actually relatively low as the average size of a fitness studio is 3,813 square feet. Large studios often have higher operational fees but can attract more members, letting you increase your profit even further and offset these costs.

Franchising with F45 also provides your fitness studio with marketing assistance as well as state-of-the-art equipment, letting you be at the forefront of the fitness sector. The brand also offers cutting-edge apps which allow you to manage bookings and customer satisfaction. This ensures you stay ahead of local competition – and can assess what members need from the franchise at any given moment. You could even connect with local businesses or colleges to build community, wellness, and morale. There are around 60 F45 gym franchises in the United Kingdom, with their success showing the immense potential that this brand could afford its investors.


10. Hybrid Fitness

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

True to their company’s name, Hybrid Fitness intends to create a middle-ground between traditional gyms and boutique studios, letting members enjoy the benefits of both. To facilitate this, the brand is highly flexible with investor requirements, only needing a minimum investment of £60,000 including a £20,000 franchise fee. Each Hybrid Fitness studio is different in order to perfectly match its location, with the size of the space, and even the specific classes at least partly up to you. If you worry about losing control of your business under the studio franchise model, Hybrid Fitness could be an excellent choice.

A blended approach to fitness helps guarantee that both your requirements and those of your gym members are at the centre of this franchise brand. The main selling point of Hybrid Fitness (beyond this unique model) is an emphasis on providing a bespoke experience. For example, there are four Hybrid gyms currently in operation across the UK, with more set to open within the next few years, and each has different services. Their Reigate franchise offers hot yoga and cycling, whilst the Loughborough gym highlights strength and conditioning classes. Each gym even has different opening hours to match your target demographic.

Your total investment for a Hybrid Fitness franchise could start at £175,000 – but this again depends upon your gym’s specific requirements. You can also use this to calibrate your membership fees, though it’s essential that you still respect the brand’s intended approach. Hybrid Fitness aims to close the gap between boutique studios and gym-goers who can only afford to visit traditional fitness clubs; it helps if your prices can reflect this. Some Hybrid franchises provide student memberships at a discounted rate, which might be a critical addition to your business model if the site is near a college or university.


11. Orangetheory Fitness

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

The Orangetheory approach to boutique fitness involves a full-body workout that only requires 2 sessions each week. This targets the five heart rate zones, with the uncomfortable ‘orange zone’ letting members boost their metabolism with rowing, cardio, and strength exercises. There are over 1,400 Orangetheory gyms worldwide – meaning you can benefit from a well-known and successful franchise brand. This company is mainly looking for investors with pre-existing fitness experience, which could affect the outcome of your application. If you’ve already owned a gym franchise, Orangetheory Fitness could represent a significant step forward for your portfolio, with high potential revenue.

Your initial Orangetheory investment is between £451,000 and £1 million – though the company has a number of financial partners to help mitigate these costs. This includes more assistance than most gym brands provide, with £30,000 of this sum going towards your marketing efforts. Though the franchise counts as a boutique, the space requirements for your studio could be between 2,690 and 3,765 square feet. This helps your gym deliver a premium experience while still servicing as many customers as possible. Your franchise could reach £700,000 in yearly revenue with ease, though it takes time for you to make a profit.

An Orangetheory owner’s average income is between £80,000 and £100,000 and this means it could be a while before you make a full return on your investment. This is part of why the brand asks for ten-year commitments from their gym franchise owners, ensuring you devote enough time towards developing the brand and making sure it reaches its full potential. Membership prices are around £90 per month – this is significantly higher than most boutique gyms. You should situate your Orangetheory Fitness studio in a high-income area, potentially in a city centre, so members can visit on their way to or from work.


12. Gold’s Gym

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

Gold’s Gym currently has four open gyms, with a fifth one launching soon in Hammersmith; all five of these are located in and around London. This means investors might want to target the South East, in particular, to ensure a degree of brand recognition without causing competition with already-existing gym franchises. Alternatively, your chosen location could open an entirely new market for the company. This can take some convincing, especially if you aim to open the franchise far from London. However, a business plan for opening a gym under this name could definitely secure the franchisor’s confidence in your location.

Outside the United Kingdom, Gold’s Gym has been one of the best fitness gym franchises for almost 60 years – and has international recognition as the brand that supported Arnold Schwarzenegger. The company estimates that three million exercisers in total use their 700 units every day, demonstrating their popularity beyond their Californian roots. Though many fitness franchises have adopted a boutique model, Gold’s Gym studios proudly commit to the conventional club format. These franchises are highly expensive on account of this prestige and can cost a minimum of £1.7 million, with some of these gyms even requiring up to £3.8 million.

With a focus on providing the highest possible quality of traditional fitness services, Gold’s Gym offers dynamic exercise programs that incorporate yoga, Pilates, martial arts, endurance training, and much more. Your studio will embody the brand’s four main principles: health, happiness, a desire to succeed, and consistency, allowing you to encourage members throughout their progress. You can also add certain facilities which make your gym more unique among its competitors, including swimming pools, sunbeds, and saunas. As Gold’s Gym members enjoy relatively low prices (around £30), and personalised plans that suit their experience, your franchise could prioritise a broad audience.


13. Curves

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

Curves could be the best fitness gym franchise for an audience of women, with 3,500 clubs throughout over 50 countries, and numerous awards that attest to this brand’s strength. The company makes use of a bespoke 30-minute workout that is able to target the whole body, ensuring a fun, effective experience that is suitable for women no matter their age or experience. This format might be especially helpful to women who find the gym to be a male-dominated environment. Statistics show that women often feel more intimidated in the gym than men, meaning Curves could help them feel more comfortable.

As an investor, your minimum personal investment is £37,500, which gives you access to eight machines. You’ll likely spend at least £70,000 in total, making this quite a cheap franchise. The price includes training, scouting a location, planning the club’s design, and more. Increasing the initial payment to £41,785 helps you to acquire 4 more machines, a worthwhile investment that also increases your capacity. Curves is especially proactive when helping new owners – offering a special support program as part of their pre-launch training. They also identify the best location, specifically one near residential areas with a rough catchment of 25,000 people.

While there are no gender-based requirements for owning a Curves gym, owners are typically women who see the potential in this unique, encouraging model. Most of the workouts only last for 30 minutes – but the brand still works hard to emphasise the connections that members can build through their shared experiences. There are even at-home exercises that help people become part of the Curves community even if they cannot attend in person. The way this franchise integrates technology is also highly attractive to potential members, allowing them to access a computerized personal coaching solution with continuous feedback and progress reports.


14. World Gym

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

World Gym currently has over 230 franchises across the world, but none are within the United Kingdom. While this limits the brand’s recognisability, it also gives you an opportunity to chart how the organisation represents itself to UK audiences. On top of this, you may still benefit from the fully developed franchise model which has become wildly successful across 17 countries, as well as this brand’s experience and gym owner assistance. You can own a World Gym franchise with a total investment of around £681,000, though larger studios could cost up to £2,378,000 – in either case, the initial franchise fee is £36,000.

The high capital requirements mean franchisees can expect a ten-year contract; this gives them adequate time to develop the franchise and break even. With no other UK gyms operating under the World Gym brand, you’ll potentially have to work even harder to make every day of your ownership count. As part of their usual vetting procedures, World Gym has a thorough webinar induction for all potential franchisees, working hard to ensure transparency while checking candidates. They also connect you with lending partners to mitigate costs, though at least £320,000 of any investment must come from your own liquid capital.

This company’s main selling point for members is its flexibility – with World Gym recently launching a strength-only franchise concept as well as a 25,000 square feet ‘big box’ approach. Individual franchises can offer plenty of value to members by making sure their facilities perfectly match customer needs. Other types of World Gym franchises include INCINER8, which provides intense 25-minute workouts, and Studio X, which uses software in tandem with group training to create a self-contained exercise ecosystem. Above all else, this brand represents potential and could be especially profitable in a high-income area due to its high membership prices.


15. 9Round

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

9Round franchises specialise in short workouts that last 27–30 minutes across nine different ‘rounds’, many of which use kickboxing to develop each gym member’s full-body strength. Other facilities across the boutique focus on the core, abs, and general strength, with the rounds each lasting three minutes while still delivering on intensity. With a clear and specific emphasis on kickboxing whilst making sure it’s accessible to novice exercisers, a 9Round gym franchise definitely lets you stand out. As a boutique model, your space requirements are only between 1,500 and 1,800 square feet, which allows you to open the studio for a maximum of £225,000.

When investing in this brand, you can function as an owner-operator or appoint a manager to fulfill most of the administrative duties. However, your gym franchise will still require roughly 10–15 hours of your time every week in order to prove your continued commitment. 9Round heavily promotes owner engagement, no matter the type of franchisee you intend to be. This is exactly why your franchise contract/agreement lasts for at least ten years by default. Your gym has low staff requirements and usually needs only three personal trainers, allowing you to save on operational costs and promote the independent fitness of your members.

Though most gym franchise brands take a percentage of your monthly gross, 9Round instead asks for a fixed fee of £360; this allows you to keep a higher proportion of the studio’s revenue. Your target audience under this name is mainly time-poor working-aged people who would visit before or after shifts. A monthly membership of £49 is slightly higher than the £40 average, but this is still more affordable than most boutiques. By choosing 9Round as your gym franchise, you can operate a low-cost boutique that fulfills a specific niche while also maintaining a high level of accessibility to encourage broad membership.



best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

The GYMGUYZ brand specialises in personal training and has no space requirements for franchisees as sessions take place either in a member’s home or in a public space. This makes it a highly affordable choice – costing up to £36,400 in total while also allowing you to potentially make £100,000 in revenue each year. Though you still have to factor staffing costs into your calculations, you could see a high profit within just a few months. If your background is in personal training, you might even run your own sessions, only hiring more trainers if you have a sufficient client base.

A high-ticket/low-volume personal training model helps to ensure your service can break even with a relatively low number of clients. This brand’s unique approach lets you visit your clients directly which means you’ll have a large catchment area and won’t need to spend weeks sourcing a site. However, you should still understand the location – GYMGUYZ is happy to help ensure you aren’t near another franchisee. Assuming your consultation is a success, you can usually begin accepting clients 8 weeks after an initial inquiry. This means you may receive a return on your total investment much faster than with other brands.

Your franchise’s clients will typically be people that prefer a personalised approach. Roughly 56% of UK citizens are intimidated by the gym, and one-on-one sessions may help with this; a free initial session also helps draw in members. One expense worth accounting for is the cost of leasing a company vehicle to visit clients. While you won’t have utility bills to worry about without a physical location, you will have to pay for petrol. This company offers a different experience compared to most of the best fitness gym franchises – making it a unique yet very profitable choice for owner-operators.


17. Train Learn Go

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

Train Learn Go franchises highlight the importance of nutrition alongside personal training, offering nutritional consultancy and a 22-point assessment that lets members see their current health. This approach makes them more popular with people that take their fitness and general health more seriously – though this could be very useful for beginners wanting to change their lifestyle. Train Learn Go boasts industry-leading personal coaches, which means hiring standards might be higher for this company, especially if they need more nutrition-related experience. The 45-minute sessions are another major selling point that helps members gain the best results in their own homes.

Train Learn Go provides several routes for franchisee financing. You could choose between a £30,000 up-front total with no monthly fees and a £5,000 initial investment with monthly payments of £480 for five years. With a rapid return on investment (and a 73% profit margin every month), this franchise is especially lucrative. Your annual salary under Train Learn Go may be up to £34,560 – far more than other personal training firms. Clients can select in advance how many sessions they would like each week, letting your trainers plan around this and make sure every member receives a tailored experience.

One key selling point of Train Learn Go franchise is the lack of monthly gym membership fees – members only pay for classes that they attend. This makes it simpler for them to manage their finances and even allows you to reach people who cannot commit to frequent attendance but still want to enhance their fitness. The free initial assessment for prospective members also lets them see the Train Learn Go format in action, which could be useful for low-income exercisers. With a personal training approach similar to GYMGUYZ, you can save on long-term fees and visit clients across a broad area.


18. HITIO Gym

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

HITIO Gym franchises are a relatively recent addition to the United Kingdom, with the first launching in London in the summer of 2019. This brand can target a broader audience than most gyms due to one of its main selling points – parents may exercise alongside their children. HITIO aims to revolutionise fitness for the whole family, also implementing martial arts programs, such as kickboxing and jiu-jitsu, into their sessions. Many martial arts teach discipline and focus as a part of their key philosophies which can be especially attractive to parents aiming to make sure their children know these values.

As a HITIO Gym investor, your minimum total payment is usually between £100,000 and £231,600, helping you reach a broad audience for a relatively low price. Gym franchisees assume a manager role and administer their club throughout each working day, potentially making this a more hands-on brand than most others. You’ll typically require one or two general staff members in addition to a personal trainer for every 100 members. Lower staff numbers typically mean less expenses for franchisees, letting you deliver a high-quality family experience while reducing long-term costs. This could easily be a big factor in your choice of a gym franchise.

The family-centric model allows members to purchase family memberships that cost £100-125 per month; this includes two adults and unlimited children. As the average gym offers £40 memberships per person, this might be a very good deal for families – even three people can instantly see savings from a £100 membership. They’ll also have the option of buying 10 martial arts classes as a single £75 package or buying gym-only memberships for £35-45. This flexibility has much to offer individuals and families, possibly helping you reach people from all incomes and backgrounds and ensuring your gym franchise’s classes remain broadly accessible.


19. The Little Gym

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

The Little Gym offers a unique franchise model because it caters to young exercisers, with their audience mainly between 4 months and 12 years old. These gyms take the specific developmental needs of children into account for every class, making sure that even the youngest members can gain vital skills. The brand prioritises a ‘three-dimensional learning’ approach that helps every session remain fun whilst improving concentration as well as teamwork, flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength. Franchising with The Little Gym could offer a great opportunity to reach a diverse and often under-served audience, possibly as your second fitness studio.

These franchises usually require a minimum investment of £223,500. This is cheaper than many brands – partly due to young members not needing expensive specialist exercise equipment. Classes commonly include dance, gymnastics, and general enrichment which balances physical activity with brain training. This diversity is a core component of The Little Gym’s approach, letting you help parents across different backgrounds to ensure their children have the skills they require. Annual membership fees are between £30 and £55, with additional monthly tuition prices at around £60. This could be expensive for families but offers tremendous results in terms of skill development.

There are over 400 branches of The Little Gym franchise worldwide, making them the main international brand for child fitness. The average owner working under this company made over £791,000 in revenue across 2022, showing the brand’s high potential. The Little Gym is looking for franchisees with a passion for helping children’s health and fitness and might prioritise owners with a bachelor’s degree that relates to business or finance. This team is very selective about their franchises and will likely have a more extensive screening process than most other brands – though they provide high levels of support to approved owners.


20. truGym

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

The truGym company strongly emphasizes their support for new franchise owners which includes construction partners to facilitate your vision for the brand, as well as on- and off-site training. Safety is also at the core of their business strategy, with truGym teams also helping you guarantee that the gym operates according to every internal and industry-wide standard. Regional performance managers are available to closely examine your performance as a franchisee and even provide feedback where appropriate. truGym has already identified a range of potential sites for their next UK franchises – you could be the owner-operator who helps these gyms flourish.

This brand’s selling point to members is accessibility, with membership prices starting at £14.99 monthly and a full range of premium exercise machines. First-time members could even enjoy a range of free classes as a way of sampling the truGym experience. Depending on the franchise, sessions include yoga, spin, MOSSA workouts, Zumba, high-intensity interval training, and more. The specific services your studio offers can vary – letting you maintain more control compared to most brands. For example, truGym Gateshead is the only one that delivers MOSSA sessions; you can even tailor your gym to match the area’s income and age demographics.

As an investor, truGym generally requires £300,000, with £100,000 needing to be from your own capital. There are boutique options available with this brand, which can reduce costs whilst letting you serve a smaller, more-dedicated clientele. Owners can enjoy a turnover of £600,000-£950,000 across every year of operation, though the natural expenses of a 24-hour gym, alongside general staff requirements, massively reduce your take-home pay. However, the business states that owners can reach a profit between 25-35%. There are currently only six truGym franchises within the UK, giving you more freedom in selecting a location, though low-income areas fit this model best.


21. Fitness Space

best gym franchise UK,best fitness franchises uk,best fitness gym franchise

As a newer franchise, Fitness Space only has ten gym studios across the United Kingdom, many of which are located in the South of England. This means there could be tremendous potential in expanding this model to the North or even into Scotland. Whilst Fitness Space only began in 2010, it is already one of the best fitness franchises in the UK due to its diverse services – such as the bespoke ‘Fit Camp’ which blends cardio, core, and strength into one workout. Members could also use Fit Stream, an online platform that lets them access over 170 sessions in their homes.

Owners can expect to invest £245,000 into their site, with a £5,000 deposit which helps them secure a suitable location. With Fitness Space, you’re able to select between a conventional gym or a boutique, which massively affects your investment, membership prices, and even the specific services you can host. It’s essential that you understand the usual benefits and drawbacks of each model; your brand meetings might also show the format which works best for you. These franchises typically target a broad audience across every experience level and age, though you might need a high-income customer base if establishing a boutique.

After two years of operating a Fitness Space franchise, you could have an average profit of £78,152-£216,516; the specific number depends on the size, and general success, of your studio. This is much higher than usual owner profits – another factor that places this brand among the best UK gym franchises. Royalty payments for Fitness Space are 8% of your studio’s monthly gross; this is relatively high, as brands typically ask for 6%. Memberships cost £30-£50, which is mostly around the £40 average. You should select an area that broadly covers every age group, especially since some exercises are suited for older members.


Process of taking a gym franchise

best fitness and gym franchises to own in the uk - Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym

Here are the usual steps worth following if you invest in one of the best fitness gym franchises:


Step 1: Deciding on a franchise


The first – and most important – step is choosing a brand. You naturally want to join one of the most profitable fitness franchises available but you must balance profitability with your own passions among other factors. For example, if you have personal trainer experience, you may enjoy becoming the owner-operator of a GYMGUYZ franchise. Money is another critical factor, as Hitsona studios cost as low as £20,000 while some gyms, such as Snap Fitness, cost up to £750,000. Bank loans help, but can only stretch so far, as Snap Fitness requires at least 40% self-funding.

Although a higher investment can mean a larger space alongside the ability to take more clients and members, this is a risky endeavour. A Hitsona franchise usually requires less than 50 gym members to break even, with it even possible to close the membership entirely at 150 regular attendees. While ‘bigger’ franchises such as Pure Gym could bring a higher overall return, these only reach a substantial profit with hundreds (if not thousands) of members. This may also mean the brand is more generalist as a result of targeting a broad catchment area; you might prefer a cheaper gym with a more specific focus.


Step 2: Submitting an application


Gym brands often let you apply directly online and require a minimum of your basic contact information. Some organisations (including 9Round and truGym) ask about your current capital – with truGym also checking if you already have a location in mind. This due diligence is essential for filtering out unsuitable candidates, especially for checking if you can afford the cost to open a gym franchise in the UK. You will have a meeting with the gym company soon after your initial inquiry. GYMGUYZ advertises this as a Brand Interview, allowing them to check if you’re a suitable gym franchisee candidate.

In order to convince the best workout franchises in the UK that you could be a good franchise owner, you must provide a thoroughly-researched business plan for opening a gym. This may not be a formal requirement but it can be instrumental in convincing the brand that you understand their niche and can lead a profitable gym. For example, if you apply for a 9Round franchise, you should have a clear understanding of its usual layout. Your plan must also include information on their typical services – as well as how your chosen area can benefit from them.


Step 3. Signing the franchise agreement


If you successfully make your case as a franchisee and pass any subsequent interviews, the brand will have the confidence they need to provide a gym franchise agreement. This formally elaborates upon mandatory training sessions, typical owner/franchisor expectations, royalties, and on-site provisions. For example, Anytime Fitness has specific supplier requirements for its technology and branded items; you’ll also need permission to install a vending machine and even stock certain products. Royalty arrangements vary from one brand to the next, with most ranging between 4% and 8% of your gym’s monthly total sales – Fitness Space usually takes 8%.

In terms of the franchisor’s expectations of its owners, you can negotiate the specifics depending on your goals for the gym. With 9Round allowing you to choose between an owner-operator or semi-absentee approach, the agreement states the essential time commitment for owning a fitness franchise. In the case of a semi-absentee owner, the brand asks you to devote 10–15 hours each week to your studio. After reading the document in full, ask the organisation any questions you may have about the gym franchise agreement. Once you receive satisfactory answers, sign the document and officially become a franchisee.


Step 4: Preparing the franchise


Signing the agreement is what triggers the initial gym franchise fee, which you must pay as soon as possible. For the Jetts brand, this is £29,500, while Orangetheory Fitness requires around £48,500 for licensing. Hitsona studios, in contrast, can open for as low as £20,000, with the total investment rarely exceeding £50,000. This is also the stage where you will have to undertake training sessions – brands such as Gold’s Gym often combine in-person and digital training for the best results. truGym takes this even further, assisting with health and safety, as well as providing their own on-site regional performance managers.

While you attend training, your gym franchise undergoes construction or renovation. In either case, the studio might need to follow a specific floor plan. For example, 9Round gyms have a set structure that facilitates nine diverse ‘rounds’ of exercise in a certain order. Gym franchises like Jetts and Orangetheory Fitness ask you to recruit staff via your channels, whilst Snap Fitness, Body Fit Training, and many other brands can find a team for you. Marketing is yet another vital consideration at this stage; Fitness Space, Gold’s Gym, and GYMGUYZ are just a few of the gym franchisors which can help with this.


Step 5: Launching your gym franchise


As part of your marketing efforts, you may provide discounts that last for the first few weeks of your gym’s operation. When you work alongside the best fitness franchises in the UK, you might benefit from a built-in audience who already have nationwide membership or are simply familiar with the brand’s niche. With the successful launch of Jetts in Brixton showing the impact of pre-sale marketing, it’s critical that you embrace this strategy and use it alongside social media. This helps you to better target certain demographics; GYMGUYZ combines these practices with pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.

The launch date should be at the centre of your marketing efforts to make sure your first day is as profitable as possible. As Tuesdays are the most popular days among both new and experienced gym-goers, you may want to consider launching your fitness franchise on this day or otherwise near the start of the week. For a Little Gym franchise that caters to children, you might gain more members by launching on a weekend or during the school holidays. Once you open your gym franchise to the public, you can fine-tune the experience in response to member feedback.



how much money does a gym or fitness franchise owner make

By understanding the best fitness gym franchises and their unique selling points, you could identify which ones are suitable for your investment portfolio. However, these gyms and studios are often a lot more than a simple investment – even if you don’t wish to administer their day-to-day matters.

The profitability and the success of your gym franchise are typically dependent on your leadership, and you must select the right brand which matches your specific passions in terms of fitness. For a high-return investment in one of the most profitable gym franchises, it’s definitely worth considering a Hitsona studio as your choice.



cost to open a Body Fit Training, Train Learn Go, HITIO, The Little Gym, truGym, Fitness Space, Curves, World Gym, 9Round, GYMGUYZ, Anytime Fitness, UFC, Jetts, F45, Hybrid-Fit, Orangetheoy Fitness, Gold's Gym, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness, Pure Gym franchise (and revenue)

1. How to start/open a gym franchise in the UK


Starting or opening a gym franchise is a process that requires a high amount of collaboration. For example, you should be willing to work with the brand at every stage while providing the specific services that they expect of you. You should prepare a thorough business plan for opening a gym franchise that includes comprehensive information on your target area and how local demographics could benefit from the brand.

Ultimately, your goal during the initial steps of franchising a gym is to show yourself as a competent leader who intimately understands the company.


2. Are franchise gyms profitable?


All of the above brands offer immense potential in terms of profit – this is exactly why they are the best fitness gym franchises in the United Kingdom. However, some franchises are a lot more profitable than others; Fitness Space, truGym, and especially Hitsona might lead to the best return on your investment.

Boutique approaches are often more successful than conventional gyms due to their high-ticket/low-volume model. This means they usually have a smaller site that’s cheaper to manage, and usually implement higher prices to cater to the reduced clientele, allowing the gym to quickly break even.


3. What questions to ask when buying a gym franchise?


You should never sign a gym franchise agreement without asking every question you have about your franchise and its usual approach. For example, you might ask for detailed breakdowns of nearby sites and their earnings over the past few years. You may even ask to speak with other owners to learn their honest opinions.

On top of this, you should check how often gym franchisees renew their agreement with the business. Knowing the full breadth of brand support you’re entitled to is also helpful and allows you to adequately prepare for your tenure.


4. How much do gym franchise owners make?


The average personal income of a single-unit gym franchisee is £43,392 per year. For brands that instead focus on a personal training approach, the average is around £19,000 – Train Learn Go and GYMGUYZ both allow you to surpass this.

If you decide to invest in a second franchise with your chosen gym brand, you could massively boost your income. Owning one of the best gym franchises in the UK can effectively guarantee a high income, though it can take years to make back your investment; Hitsona studios, however, are profitable within a few months.


5. How much does a gym franchise cost?


Every single gym franchise has a different answer to this question – and even these rough estimates depend upon a range of factors. This might include the size of your gym, staff requirements, opening hours, and any additional facilities or services you would like to implement.

However, even the best fitness franchises in the UK can offer you the opportunity to open your own franchise while on a budget. Many of the brands have partnerships with leading banks, allowing you to get a loan that covers a significant amount (around 50-70%) of the overall price.


6. What are the fastest-growing gym fitness franchises?


The fastest-growing fitness franchises include Anytime Fitness, PureGym, and Hitsona. This is because they are each significant contributors to major fitness trends.

For example, Hitsona demonstrates the quality and prestige of a boutique model without being unaffordable; these studios are actually far more successful in low and average-income areas. PureGym similarly capitalises upon the need for high-quality, low-cost gyms – and does this with a clear emphasis on new technology. The Little Gym and GYMGUYZ are also enjoying rapid growth due to their niche offerings – in this case, exercise for children, and home personal training services.

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