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10 tips to achieve a healthy life & body

by | May 2, 2020 | Exercising & Lifestyle

The moment you go on social media these days you are bombarded with ‘Health Tips’, or ‘Vegan diets are the best for you and the planet’, or ‘Keto is the best way to get lean’. There are a thousand other diets and workouts all claiming to be right for you and endorsed by some beautiful, half-naked model. Some of this information is good, however much of it is misinformed.

At HITZone we like to keep things simple, honest and real, so here are 10 simple doable tips that will help you achieve a Healthy Life & Body

Drink plenty of water
Water is essential for life and a healthy body.

Be active
Walk, cycle, use stairs rather than lifts or escalators.

Try and get quality sleep
This allows your body to rest, recover & rejuvenate.

Find time for meditation/mindfulness
Take 5 minutes a day to sit still and focus on your breath, the inhale and exhale. This can help you deal with stress, anxiety and can sharpen your ability to concentrate.

Ensure your protein intake is adequate
Protein will help your body function right, maintain muscle & reduce hunger, most people do not eat enough protein, or protein of sufficient quality.

Eat real food
Processed food is generally low in nutrients and high in salt, sugar and transfats.

Eat fresh fruit & veg
These are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, and try to eat fruit with skin on, berries are brilliant!

Eat healthy fats
Healthy fats are essential for brain & heart health, they also help reduce inflammation and burn body fat! A word of warning though, they are still fats and therefore very calorific so keep their intake in balance with your daily requirements.

Minimise your sugar intake
Sugar is toxic to the body and is linked to numerous health issues.

Laugh and smile more
Release your endorphins! Make use of your body’s natural happy chemicals.

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