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Why Join Your HITSONA Bardstown Fitness Studio?

At our Hitsona studio in Bardstown and unlike any gym, you’ll find a friendly community of people who want to lose weight, get stronger and improve their health and happiness. Join our ego-free club to make friends, build connections with like minded people and feel the joy of exercise as a complete beginner or as someone returning to fitness again, with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get great results.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Follow our plan, get results or your money back

Life changing experience regardless of current fitness level

We promise you will enjoy exercise and have fun

25 minutes, fast, effective and fun sessions

Less pain after exercise with Hitsona

All ages and fitness levels can take part together, fully inclusive environment

Unmatched support & community

Join our team of friendly coaches and like-minded members

Social events and gatherings regularly to build social connections

Join a community, not a gym!

No mirrors, No egos, No posers, No exceptions

You won’t find any mirrors in our studio and a no poser policy

No need to feel self-conscious in a welcoming safe space

No bodybuilders or gym bunnies, just a studio full of regular people


  • I needed to find a gym that I could fit around work and being a single mum. This Gym was the answer and has brought me so much more. I... read more

    Sarah Green Avatar Sarah Green

    Not only a gym but a little community and trainers that are fully commited to helping you succeed your goals. Would recommend to anyone who is fed of day to... read more

    Kiri Black Avatar Kiri Black

    I am truly grateful that I found Hitsona. It’s a fun safe place to exercise with likeminded and non judgemental people. As someone who hated exercise I look forward to... read more

    Ursula Sexton Avatar Ursula Sexton
  • I joined Hitsona beginning of April with my daughter and we absolutely love it, great communication, great trainers and the classes are fab ! Would highly recommend ????

    Sally Morris Avatar Sally Morris

    I have been a member for a couple of months and couldn’t recommend the experience more, aside from being totally unpretentious it’s fun, coach-led and you feel great afterwards both... read more

    Jo Harvey Barringer Avatar Jo Harvey Barringer

    This place has literally changed my life! I have always hated exercise, but this is fun, achievable and I am losing weight safely and feeling so much fitter! Everyone is... read more

    Miss Kirby Avatar Miss Kirby

What we offer

25 minute sessions

Short fun and effective sessions with a comprehensive timetable, that you can fit around a demanding career or hectic life with just 25 minutes a few times a week.

Small group exercise

Exercising in a small group of likeminded people means you actually begin to enjoy exercise and stick to it.

Coach led training sessions

Our coaches deliver sessions and health and fitness guidance with comprehensive support needed for Hitsona members to get results. The members just need to attend the sessions and follow their given plan.

Unrivalled Community

We wholeheartedly believe that support and truly belonging to a community are keys to success and happiness. At Hitsona you will be surrounded by like- minded, supportive people who want to see you succeed in becoming a healthier, happier you.

Heart Rate Monitors

Wearing a heart rate monitor allows our coaches to ensure you get the most effective workout possible and geared to your level of fitness, whatever your exercise experience is. If the session’s too hard, you won’t enjoy it. If the session’s too easy you won’t get results.

Unique & Fully Accessible Machines

Great results with our exclusive HIT Machines which respond to the force you apply. This means the harder and faster you move, the more the machine pushes back. With the added benefit of reduced post exercise pain, our HIT Machine sessions a great way to get a high intensity work out in just 25 short minutes.

Social Events & Fun Challenges

Find your inner child and take part in our regular fun challenges and social event. It is our belief that if you create friendships and camaraderie in your exercise environment you are likely to stick to your plan.  By joining a community of others with similar goals and aspirations, you’ll flourish at Hitsona and find an enjoyment in the fun of exercise and healthy living.

Guaranteed Results

Sticking to going to the gym is hard work, but Hitsona is no gym. You will want to come to our fun sessions and by following our guidance, you will achieve great results. If you don’t enjoy your results having stuck to the plan we create for you, after 90 days, we will refund you in full, with no questions asked and no small print.

Unlimited Ongoing Support

Our member community and team of coaches and studio owners are passionate about your success and will be on hand to offer encouragement and accountability. With regular check ins, nutritional support and mindset and lifestyle guidance as and when you need it, to achieve your desired results.

Your Hitsona, Bardstown Coaches

Steve Covus

Owner/Head Coach. I have owned and operated Hitsona Elizabethtown for almost 2 years now and love it. I’m now starting this new studio with Holly Evans. I’m from the UK and have been in America since 2016 when I was in Norfolk, Virginia with NATO as a Royal Navy Submariner. When I finished my service here I went back to the UK and decided that I wanted to be in America, so I came across Hitsona at the beginging of COVID and decide that it was exactly what I was looking for. I love the community that has been created in the studio and the energy. 

Holly Evans

Owner/Head Coach. I joined Hitsona Etown in November 2022 and soon realized it was my calling, I soon transitioned to coaching after several encouraging encounters with other members. I have worked in various positions and hold an associate degree in the health care industry, I’ve seen the repercussions of not taking care of one’s self personally and I quickly discovered my passion of improving fitness and the fitness of those around me soon after I joined Hitsona. My favorite exercises are the squat and double press, superman, and anything squat related.

Our Achievements at
Hitsona Bardstown

As we are a brand new studio we don’t have many achievements to share as yet, but in the short few weeks of being open, we did have a great response in supporting a local charity by donating gloves, hats and scarves in the month of December. We look forward to supporting more charities and our members throughout 2024.

We are very proud to be bringing a 2nd Hitsona studio to Bardstown, Kentucky following the success of the first studio which opened in Elizabethtown at the end of 2021.

A dedicated member completed a 300 plus self supported mile challenge

Due to the profound impact of Hitsona as a fitness for all solution in Elizabethtown, we already have lots of members joining our Bardstown studio.



Reluctant exerciser

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Can't stand mirrors & egos

Want to be supported and be part of a commnuity

Tight on time

Quick 25 min fast, fun sessions

Hate working out on your own

Want to get fit with people like you

Don't know what to do in the gym

Want a coach to guide you

Get Results or
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Our focus as the best fitness studio in Bardstown is on delivering excellent results; especially to people who might have tried diets or gyms and didn’t get the outcomes that they wanted. At Hitsona Bardstown, we tailor our workouts and group training fitness sessions to burn more calories and lower next-day muscle pain. This even allows you to enjoy a controlled calorie burn for 48 hours after the workout, boosting your metabolism and making the HIIT benefits last even longer.

With patented HIT machines and our experienced fitness coaches running our popular group sessions, you are sure to realize why Hitsona is one of the best exercise options in Bardstown and we’re proud to offer a service that is so different to that of a gym. One of our owner Steve Covus brought the franchise to America because he believes it can change lives by revolutionizing workouts in an exercise for all, fully inclusive environment. The passion for Hitsona and its benefits encouraged one of his Elizabethtown studio members Holly Evans, to join together with Steve and open a second studio in Bardstown. If you don’t see the benefits enjoyed by are other members after you’ve worked your plan, we promise to give you a full refund with our 100% money-back guarantee.

We promise you will find joy in exercise

If going to the gym is starting to feel like a chore and you need a fresh approach, or you are a reluctant exercise or perhaps someone starting out on a fitness journey, here’s how our Hitsona Bardstown health and fitness center can help:

Patented HIT Machines that are perfect for our 25-minute high intensity fitness sessions and which provide a low-impact workout with benefits for the entire body.

The local gym will provide you with weights, machines and perhaps trainers and instructors, but at Hitsona we have our dedicated coaches Holly and Steve, who work hard to support and encourage your transformative progress using the latest technology of heart rate monitors and exercise protocol.

Our small group exercise classes and sessions at Hitsona Bardstown have created a fitness community that helps you connect with like-minded members that you won’t find in the gym.

Our Hitsona Bardstown owners and Head coaches Holly and Steve use their knowledge of exercise and are always ready to help new members make a unique plan to reach their fitness goals and at Hitsona we offer a support in your journey to health and happiness like no gym would ever do.

We want to make sure you have fun during your workouts again whilst also allowing you to transform yourself with our innovative 25-minute HIIT exercises.

Unmatched Support & Community

At Hitsona we are proud to offer a fitness studio suitable for everyone in our Bardstown community. In the past we have enjoyed sponsoring charity races and other events to help good causes, whilst encouraging people to exercise and get fit. Our Hitsona team does everything they can to support both old and new members by ensuring they have a plan to reach their goals to becoming health and happy. Everyone exercises together as a small group at our studio in Bardstown; some members are at peak fitness and some have next-to-no exercise experience though they all support one another through every HIIT exercise session using our exclusive HIT Machines.  Training together with the guidance and support of the coaches has created a strong community of like minded regular people working together to achieve their fitness goals, which is not something a gym member will experience in a regular gym environment.

Our members form a passionate and supportive network which goes beyond a gym community and the members of our fitness studio, often stay in touch over social media, between workout sessions. The non-stop motivation they get from our coaches is why many of our regulars name us as the best fitness studio with more to offer than many of the best gyms in Bardstown, making our in Hitsona studio Bardstown less like a gym and more like a place for family and friends to come together in a safe, welcoming and fully inclusive fitness environment.

No Mirrors, No Egos, No Posers, No Exceptions

We focus on 25-minute workouts with an emphasis on high-intensity interval training in small groups, helping everyone work together towards a common goal. This means there’s no room for egos or posers in our health and fitness studio as we work hard to guarantee our Bardstown fitness sessions have a welcoming atmosphere. We have created a positive environment at Hitsona Bardstown, which is so dissimilar to a gym.  The local gym can be an intimidating place, which may be distracting for members who need to feel confident in working out and being in that gym space. However, Hitsona is different, you won’t find any mirrors in our studio or gym bunnies or bodybuilders,  because we don’t want to distract you from your fitness journey but we want you to be healthy, be happy and be you and how you look isn’t important, what matters to us is how you feel!

While we also do one-on-one support and personalized reports, our Hitsona coaches encourage camaraderie among the members of our Bardstown studio and we have built a strong community, so whilst you are working towards achieving your personal goals, you will never feel alone on your journey and thanks to our members – who go to great lengths to encourage and support one another, we are able to offer a fitness facility in Bardstown which is a welcoming and fully inclusive environment that you just won’t find at the local gym.

What Makes Hitsona Bardstown Different to a Gym?

25 minute, small group sessions

Our Hitsona sessions are designed and delivered for maximum results in the minimum time, so that even the busiest of people can get an effective exercise session in. Small groups of like minded people make Hitsona sessions enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Unique Machines & Heart Rate Monitors

Hitsona’s patented machines make good quality, effective exercise suitable for all fitness levels and allow people new comers to exercise to achieve the same results as experienced gym users. Coupled with our heart rate monitor technology, we ensure every session you do is geared to your level of fitness.

Supportive coaches & community

Hitsona has coaches that care and a community of members that support you. We are a community of people who share one main thing in common. The desire to be healthy, be happy and be authentically themselves in a safe, fun and supportive environment, unlike any gym you have experienced before.

3 Great Locations for Outdoor Exercise in Bardstown

Dean Watt’s Park

If going to the local gym in Bardstown isn’t your preferred idea of fun, there is lots to do at Dean Watts Park. With approximately 70 acres of space and located off of Spencer Mattingly Lane, about three miles from town, this sports complex includes 12 youth soccer fields, 4 youth football fields, 6 baseball & softball fields, playground equipment at the soccer and football fields, a paved walking trail that is approximately 2 miles long and it also boasts concession stands, pavilions, restrooms and picnic tables.

My Old Kentucky Home State Park

My Old Kentucky Home State Park – 501 E. Stephen Foster Ave. Bardstown, KY 40004 – The farm that inspired the imagery in Stephen Collins Foster’s famous song, “My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night!” is Kentucky’s most famous and beloved historic site. Built between 1812 and 1818, the three-story house originally named, “Federal Hill,” by its first owner Judge John Rowan became Kentucky’s first historic shrine on July 4th, 1923. Located near Bardstown in Nelson County, the mansion and farm had been the home of the Rowan family for three generations, spanning a period of 120 years. In 1922 Madge Rowan Frost, the last Rowan family descendant sold her ancestral home and 235-acres to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Bardstown Community Park

BARDSTOWN COMMUNITY PARK, is at 429 EAST HALSTEAD AVENUE – This park is a great alternative to working out at a local gym in Bardstown, it has an upper pavilion that is handicap accessible and is 30ft x 24 ft. and seats 50 people. The lower pavilion is 62ft. x 32ft. and can seat 120 people.  These pavilions can be reserved by calling the recreation office at (502) 348-9281. The Community Park also has a sand volleyball court, full basketball court, playground equipment, picnic tables, grills, and walking/biking trails on an adjacent wooded area which is approximately 20 acres. It is available for public use daily from dawn till dusk. In conjunction with the Stephen Foster Music Club, the Bardstown Recreation Department offers free concerts in the park on Friday evenings in the summer beginning Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day weekend.

How to find us


1010 Granite Drive Ste 1, Bardstown KY 40004
Get Directions

We’re located on Granite Drive off East John Rowan Boulevard and just a short walk from Bardstown Community Centre and just 1 minute from Bardstown Peddlers Mall.  You will find the Hitsona studio right next door to Wings and Rings. Our advice is to travel to us by car with lots of parking around the studio.

We wouldn’t advise you to come on a bicycle and the best way by far to travel to the Hitsona studio is by car with plenty of parking available. Come with a friend and share the driving.

Unfortunately there is no bus service to the Hitsona Bardstown studio and travel by car is always your best option. But no need to book a taxi, perhaps you can buddy up with another member and share the travel by car to and from your session.

Just 5 minutes by car from the centre of Bardstown, head south-west towards Court Square and then exit the traffic circle onto East Stephen Foster Ave and then turn left onto Bloomfield Road, turn right onto East John Rowan Boulevard KY-245 south and then left onto Granite Drive, Hitsona Bardstown will be on your left next to Wings and Rings.

Unfortunately there is no train service to the Hitsona Bardstown studio and travel by car is always your best option. But no need to book a taxi, perhaps you can buddy up with another member and share the travel by car to and from your session.


What makes your Hitsona Bardstown different to a gym?

Involved owner-operators

Steve Covus and Holly Evans are our owners and head coaches; Steve realized that reluctant exercisers need more than just a gym and his passion for providing non-gym-goers a safe place to get fit encouraged him to open the first Hitsona studio in the United States. With the passion of one of his Bardstown studio members Holly Evans, it was decided to join together and open a studio in Bardstown. They are always happy to help new members figure out their nutritional and fitness needs. There is also a play area in case you need to bring your children along.

Community engagement

As a community focused exercise facility in Bardstown, we are proud to not call ourselves a gym and we are also proud of our roots and work to engage with the community on a far deeper level. We have already donated to a local charity and plan to do far more in the future. In addition, we are always connecting with our members to take feedback and see what they require from us.

Intense workouts

Our 25-minute sessions use high-intensity interval training with the aid of patented HIT machines that help you make the most of every workout. We’re one of the best exercise facilities in Bardstown in terms of helping you gain the results you’re looking for. Without having to spend grueling hours in the gym using treadmills and other equipment our experienced and novice members praise our approach of fun, fast sessions and because we use scientifically proven HIT Machines that can maximize your calorie burn, we are so confident that you will achieve your fitness targets that we offer an 100% money back guarantee as well!

How is attending your Hitsona Bardstown studio vs. home or gym workout different?

While you can see a lot of benefits from a home workout with the right exercise plan, you miss out on the high levels of support that a studio environment could afford you. For example, unless you invest in a home trainer, you won’t have somebody continuously motivating you and offering feedback on your technique. This will also deprive you of the group setting that makes Hitsona Bardstown workouts so popular and effective among our members. Sometimes going to a busy gym can also make you feel isolated as it lacks a community atmosphere, can be intimidating especially for the reluctant exerciser.

Our fitness studio also lets you access patented HIT machines which make your workouts even better in less than half an hour. If you stick with a home class, you might be exercising for longer while receiving fewer benefits. For this reason alone, it’s definitely worth making the journey to your Hitsona Bardstown studio which prides itself on being unlike any other gym. You will have lots of fun unlike the work out alone at home. Home workouts are useful for some, but a professional studio can help you to maximize your potential and get the you the best results helping you feel healthy and happy.

What are the fitness studios and best gyms in Bardstown?

  • Hitsona Bardstown
  • Planet Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Jazzercise
  • Darkside Athletics

When deciding on the best fitness studio in Bardstown which can suit your needs, there are various factors you should take into account. For a nurturing experience that’s able to transform your fitness level in just a few 25-minute routines each week, you might choose Hitsona Bardstown and not the local gym.

Some people naturally prefer a less-busy gym space and we are delighted that our members regularly praising Hitsona Bardstown studio for having plenty of equipment and space for everyone. If you prefer an athletic workout, you might consider Darkside Athletics.

Your biggest priority as an exerciser could be community. In this case, you might want to visit a local venue built specifically for Bardstown citizens. The Hitsona Bardstown studio is staffed with excellent coaches that offer something more than a traditional gym trainer. Hitsona Coaches boast a diverse range of experiences and will work to identify your specific goals, by providing consistent encouragement to every type of exerciser, they can make sure everyone benefits from the Hitsona approach.

What are the best fitness & exercise classes in Bardstown?


  • Hitsona Interval Training Workout
  • CrossFit Powerlifting
  • Anytime Fitness Group classes

Hitsona Bardstown’s high-intensity interval training workout using the patented HIT Machines lasts for only 25 minutes but targets the whole body for excellent calorie burn results both during and post exercise. You won’t find the scientifically proven HIT machine in the local gym, only in our Hitsona studio. CrossFit offers a wide variety of exercises (such as power lifting and squats) but has less thorough monitoring and support. This means you may struggle to keep track of your own progress or specific needs.

Community is once again a key part of how we work, and our local Bardstown fitness coaches know exactly how to help all of our members feel included during our workouts. We use the group format to encourage everyone to push each other (and themselves) to their reach their goals. Our members regularly report that the diversity in our studio is great for developing community fitness and very different to what they have found in a normal gym.

Cost can also be an understandably big feature, so things like money-back guarantees and gyms that roll lessons into a gym membership is perfect. Once you find an exercise class that works for you, commit to it fully, as this is the best way of seeing results as soon as you can. Hitsona offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t get the results you want from following your plan.