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Guaranteed Results (100% Money Back Guarantee)

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Unique patented machines offering level playing field for all

Small Group, Coach-Led Sessions

Supportive and empowering community

Why Join Your HITSONA Chesham Fitness Studio?

At our Hitsona Chesham studio, we offer a new approach to health and fitness which sets us apart from the local gym. If you are a reluctant exerciser intimidated by the gym environment or someone embarking on a journey to fitness, we would love you to join us at Hitsona Chesham. Also, we are so confident that you will achieve your weight loss, health and happiness goals that we back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t!

Why Join Your HITSONA Chesham Fitness Studio?

At our Hitsona Chesham studio, we offer a new approach to health and fitness which sets us apart from the local gym. If you are a reluctant exerciser intimidated by the gym environment or someone embarking on a journey to fitness, we would love you to join us at Hitsona Chesham. Also, we are so confident that you will achieve your weight loss, health and happiness goals that we back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t!

Why Join Your HITSONA Chesham Fitness Studio?

At our Hitsona Chesham studio, we offer a new approach to health and fitness which sets us apart from the local gym. If you are a reluctant exerciser intimidated by the gym environment or someone embarking on a journey to fitness, we would love you to join us at Hitsona Chesham. Also, we are so confident that you will achieve your weight loss, health and happiness goals that we back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Follow our plan, get results or your money back

Life changing experience regardless of current fitness level

We promise you will enjoy exercise and have fun

25 minutes, fast, effective and fun sessions

Less pain after exercise with Hitsona

All ages and fitness levels can take part together, fully inclusive environment

Unmatched support & community

Join our team of friendly coaches and like-minded members

Social events and gatherings regularly to build social connections

Join a community, not a gym!

No mirrors, No egos, No posers, No exceptions

You won’t find any mirrors in our studio and a no poser policy

No need to feel self-conscious in a welcoming safe space

No bodybuilders or gym bunnies, just a studio full of regular people


  • Hitsona has been a breath of fresh air. Not your regular gym where you are left to your own devices with no motivation. Small group personal training with no mirrors or ego’s... read more

    Mark Harris Avatar Mark Harris

    Me and my fiancé have just joined and are loving Hitsona so far. James is very understanding and kindly corrects your technique where necessary during the sessions which is very... read more

    Natalie and Aiden Avatar Natalie and Aiden

    Firstly I just want to say there was no pressure put on us to join at all. James has been brilliant and the whole team are so welcoming. I have been recovering... read more

    Shireen Bates Avatar Shireen Bates
  • I normally finding working out a chore, but joining Hitsona has changed my mind. James and the team are so lovely and everyone is really friendly; they encourage without being... read more

    Athena Caetano Avatar Athena Caetano

    Highly recommend Hitsona Chilterns. Such a welcoming place to get fit. Small and friendly with a "family" feeling of support and motivation. Small group, focused training. Excellent all round. I'm so pleased I... read more

    Jacqui Louise Grover Avatar Jacqui Louise Grover

    I've always wanted to get fit but have found gyms intimidating and have felt quite self-conscious. Hitsona is the perfect alternative, everyone is really friendly, nobody judges you and the personal... read more

    Rhiannon Jewell Avatar Rhiannon Jewell

What we offer

25 minute sessions

Short fun and effective sessions with a comprehensive timetable, that you can fit around a demanding career or hectic life with just 25 minutes a few times a week.

Small group exercise

Exercising in a small group of likeminded people means you actually begin to enjoy exercise and stick to it.

Coach led training sessions

Our coaches deliver sessions and health and fitness guidance with comprehensive support needed for Hitsona members to get results. The members just need to attend the sessions and follow their given plan.

Unrivalled Community

We wholeheartedly believe that support and truly belonging to a community are keys to success and happiness. At Hitsona you will be surrounded by like- minded, supportive people who want to see you succeed in becoming a healthier, happier you.

Heart Rate Monitors

Wearing a heart rate monitor allows our coaches to ensure you get the most effective workout possible and geared to your level of fitness, whatever your exercise experience is. If the session’s too hard, you won’t enjoy it. If the session’s too easy you won’t get results.

Unique & Fully Accessible Machines

Great results with our exclusive HIT Machines which respond to the force you apply. This means the harder and faster you move, the more the machine pushes back. With the added benefit of reduced post exercise pain, our HIT Machine sessions a great way to get a high intensity work out in just 25 short minutes.

Social Events & Fun Challenges

Find your inner child and take part in our regular fun challenges and social event. It is our belief that if you create friendships and camaraderie in your exercise environment you are likely to stick to your plan.  By joining a community of others with similar goals and aspirations, you’ll flourish at Hitsona and find an enjoyment in the fun of exercise and healthy living.

Guaranteed Results

Sticking to going to the gym is hard work, but Hitsona is no gym. You will want to come to our fun sessions and by following our guidance, you will achieve great results. If you don’t enjoy your results having stuck to the plan we create for you, after 90 days, we will refund you in full, with no questions asked and no small print.

Unlimited Ongoing Support

Our member community and team of coaches and studio owners are passionate about your success and will be on hand to offer encouragement and accountability. With regular check ins, nutritional support and mindset and lifestyle guidance as and when you need it, to achieve your desired results.

Your Hitsona Chesham Coaches

 James, Studio Owner

Level 3 qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor and former cross country runner and semi-professional footballer, James has worked in the fitness industry since 2019, helping hundreds of people to reach their fitness potential. He loves to transform nervous, new members into strong, confident Hitsona pros. Favourite session: ‘Play your cards right’ HIIT session.

Jodie, Studio Manager

Level 3 qualified personal trainer, Level 4 qualified nutrition coach and Level 2 mental health awareness and first aid, Jodie is a CPPC-certified pre- and post-natal gym coach and former ballet dancer. (There’s nothing this woman can’t do!). She’s worked in the fitness industry since 2019 and is loved by the whole Hitsona Chesham community. Favourite session: COREZone

Our Achievements at
Hitsona Chesham

Members of Hitsona Chesham managed to raise £500 to help provide food and clothing for homeless people during the winter.

We currently have 3 members who have done over 750 sessions! The race is on to get to 1000!!!

We have helped a member reverse his pre diabetes with exercise and lifestyle changes.

We have raised over £300 for ‘Mind’ which is a charity that supports people with their mental health.

We have helped 100s of our members become healthier, happier and gain the confidence to best version of themselves!



Reluctant exerciser

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Can't stand mirrors & egos

Want to be supported and be part of a commnuity

Tight on time

Quick 25 min fast, fun sessions

Hate working out on your own

Want to get fit with people like you

Don't know what to do in the gym

Want a coach to guide you

Get Results or
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

At Hitsona, we promise to stand out from the conventional gym and we strive to be one of the best fitness studios in Chesham. We believe exercise should be enjoyed by everyone, so we have created a fully inclusive and supportive community of regular people who are seeing the benefits of exercise and who are having fun getting fit. As more and more people try and fail to achieve their fitness goals, by perhaps buying a gym membership and dreading going or attending diet clubs such as Slimming World, our Hitsona fitness studio offers the perfect alternative for getting fit and healthy in Chesham and we promise you will achieve fast and effective results.

Our Hitsona Chesham fitness studio uses reliable, tried and tested methods of high intensity training in just a short 25 minute session. With our exclusive patented HIT machines (that you won’t find in the gym), heart rate technology, small group-based training, as well as 1-to-1 nutrition plans and a dedicated team of coaches who are serious about helping you achieve results, our approach to exercise is guaranteed to give members the results.  We at Hitsona Chesham are so confident that you will succeed in reaching those goals and becoming a healthier, happier you, that we promise our members 100% of their money if they don’t see the fitness results they are looking for and this is something we offer unlike any other gym membership.

James, the Hitsona Chesham studio owner, wanted to create a small community of people who want to get fit without the pressures of being in a gym and for them to have a good time and an enjoyable exercise experience. At Hitsona Chesham, you get the energy of a small group workout with the attention of a passionate coach, for plenty of encouragement and support whilst on your fitness journey.

We promise you will enjoy the fun of exercise

Our Chesham health and fitness studio promises everyone that they will find joy in exercise, either as someone beginning a journey to fitness for the first time or as someone returning to exercise again and we promise that you never have to feel the dread of going to the gym. Instead, you’ll be heading to a place to see your friends, build relationships and find a love of working out. Our owner James has trained every Hitsona coach to provide exhilarating, fun, high-intensity, low-impact workouts using our exclusive patented HIT Machines which you won’t find in the local gym and our sessions are tailored to every fitness level. So, no matter if you’re a complete beginner or fit as a fiddle, we will ensure you feel welcome at Hitsona Chesham, offering a fitness for all solution and sessions accessible for regular people from all walks of life, even those reluctant exercisers who may never have stepped foot into a gym before.

Just some of the reasons why our members and coaches prefer what we have to offer at our Hitsona health and fitness studio in Chesham include:

No posers, no mirrors, no egos – we want you to focus on your fitness goals instead

A small community of fitness lovers with plenty of socialising and support

Sessions suitable for all fitness levels and all ages

Convenient 25-minute accessible sessions to suit your schedule

Pre-planned sessions lead and supervised by our team of coaches

A wide range of equipment to choose from to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength

Unmatched Support & Community

The community that James has built in the Hitsona studio in Chesham is unmatched along with the support it provides. Fewer and fewer gyms in the area focus on creating a fitness community, but our approach in creating a fully inclusive community of regular people who have found joy in exercising together, makes our Hitsona fitness studio one of the best gym alternatives in the Chesham area. We promise to provide you with that extra encouragement, accountability and support that you need to achieve your health and happiness goals and we strive to ensure success for all our members.

At Hitsona Chesham we believe one of the most important parts of working out is the community of like minded people at the health and fitness facility where you exercise and we know you are more likely stay on your journey to health and happiness, if you have the support of others around you. As well as all our members enjoying getting healthy and happy together, we at Hitsona Chesham, strive to give back to the wider community through our charitable deeds. Last Christmas we managed to raise over £200 to help buy blankets and food for homeless people in Chesham and London and we plan to organise other fundraisers throughout the year for charities important to our members.

No Mirrors, No Posers, No Egos, No Exceptions

We have a no mirrors, no egos, no posers, no exception in our Hitsona studios and our Chesham studio is no different. We want our members to feel good both inside and out and unlike the local gym you will always feel welcomed and never intimidated by other gym members flexing in the mirror or posing in lycra.  You won’t find any gym bunnies or body builders in the Hitsona Chesham fitness facility and unlike the local gym, young or old, fat or thin, when you walk through the door, you’re one of us!

Here are a few of the main features of our Chesham health and fitness studios which is different to the local gym:

A range of different membership options to suit your busy schedule

Patented HIT Machines exclusive to Hitsona, that offer high-intensity, low-impact workout sessions

Sessions cost between £3-£6.50

25-minute long sessions for extra accessibility and convenience

Heart rate monitoring and the advantage of a visual of the intensity of your exercise effort and a record of progress

Monthly 1-1 check-ins with one of our coaches

1-1 nutrition advice and support

What Makes Hitsona Chesham Different to a Gym?

25 minute, small group sessions

Our Hitsona sessions are designed and delivered for maximum results in the minimum time, so that even the busiest of people can get an effective exercise session in. Small groups of like minded people make Hitsona sessions enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Unique Machines & Heart Rate Monitors

Hitsona’s patented machines make good quality, effective exercise suitable for all fitness levels and allow people new comers to exercise to achieve the same results as experienced gym users. Coupled with our heart rate monitor technology, we ensure every session you do is geared to your level of fitness.

Supportive coaches & community

Hitsona has coaches that care and a community of members that support you. We are a community of people who share one main thing in common. The desire to be healthy, be happy and be authentically themselves in a safe, fun and supportive environment, unlike any gym you have experienced before.

3 Great Locations for Outdoor Exercise in Chesham

Chiltern Hills

The Chiltern Hills is the perfect area to do some outdoor exercise. Spanning almost 660 square miles, the Chiltern Hills cover 4 different counties including Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. The area boasts many different walking and running routes you can take, such as a trail through Chesham Riverside and Woodland or a walk through Downley Common and Hunts Hill. The most popular walk is the Chess Valley walk, allowing you to see views of a Tudor manor house and a 15th-century church.
You can also stumble across many different towns and villages in the Chiltern Hills area such as Tylers Hill and Botley.

Denham Country Park

Another great spot for some outdoor exercise is Denham Country Park which also offers plenty of running and walking trails. There are plenty of scenic views in this park with the rivers Colne and Misbourne openly flowing through it and with the Grand Union Canal nearby. For a more strenuous route, you can also head out of the park to Denham Village and beyond to Colne Valley which also acts as a bicycle trail. It’s a great place to visit for the whole family to benefit from some outdoor exercise.

Chesham Outdoor Pool

If you want to pick up another activity different to going to the gym or outside of your sessions at Hitsona Chesham, the Chesham Moor outdoor pool is a great place to visit. The pool is a heated 25-metre open-air pool with plenty of activities on offer throughout the year such as Aqua Fitness and Aqua-cise. On weekdays it’s open from 6 am for members to get a swim in before work and 8 am on weekends and bank holidays.

How to find us


126 High St, Chesham HP5 1EB

Get Directions


From Chesham town centre:

• Turn left onto the High Street
• Turn left onto the footpath
• Walk along the High Street until you see the studio

We’re well-served with plenty of different bus services nearby, so you won’t have any trouble finding us using public transport. Buses that stop near us include the 1, 71, 73, 77, 78, 106, 107, 149, 177, 190, 194 and 354. Just get off at the High Street and we’re a short walk away!

You can reach us by car by following these directions:

• Turn left from Chesham town centre
• Turn left again
• Turn right onto the High Street and follow along until you see the studio

The closest train station to Hitsona Chilterns is Chesham Underground Station. It’s the last station on the Metropolitan Line.

• From Chesham Station, turn left onto Station Road
• Turn right onto the High Street
• Walk up until you see the studio

You can reach us by bicycle by following these directions:

• Turn left from Chesham town centre
• Turn left again
• Turn right onto the High Street and follow along until you see the studio


What makes your local Hitsona Gym different?

Our Hitsona gym in Chesham is completely different to conventional high street gyms and fitness studios. Our memberships automatically include a range of benefits that other gyms don’t usually include in their general gym membership packages. For every enquiry, we include a free, in-depth consultation and trial session with ongoing 1-1 consultations with our coaches at Chesham for your goal-setting and an extra motivational boost.

All of our sessions are optimised with our patented HIT machines that you won’t find in your local gym. The machines help you get the most out of your workouts and they are kinder to your muscles than other strength equipment. We’re so confident in our approach to exercise in Chesham that we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t see results.

More and more people in Chesham are turning to Hitsona as a better alternative to their usually crowded and busy high street gyms. James and his team are 100% focused on pushing each member to achieve great results and keep sessions competitive and fun with use of a scoreboard. Hitsona Chesham also offer various whole-body workouts to keep members active and our session cannot compare to any other gym another this is another reason why we’re one of the best health and fitness studios in Chesham.

Hitsona Chesham also prioritise encouraging members unlike a gym in a supportive way, letting members go at their own pace without any pressure to help them reach their fitness goals. Our booking systems are easy and simple to use, with memberships also coming with access to the Hitsona app for booking sessions on the go. Hitsona Chesham also makes a great impact on the local community, such as a partnership with the charity Mind donating 20p for every post a member shares on social media and plenty of fundraisers throughout the year.

Best Gyms in Chesham

• Hitsona Studio Chesham
• CrossFit Chiltern
• Anytime Fitness Loudwater
• Fitness Space Hughenden Valley
• Fitness Farm

Finding the right gym in Chesham for your preferences will depend on several factors including the type of gym you are looking for whether that’s a space to work out alone or if you prefer group sessions.

For example, if you’re looking for a gym with less of a community feel or you prefer to work out alone, a gym such as Anytime Fitness would be the best fit for you as they both provide their members with 24/7 access and plenty of opportunities to work out independently. If you’re looking for classes with a much greater community feel with small and personal group sessions and low-impact exercises, Hitsona would be the studio most suitable for your needs and we definitely do not call ourselves a gym so rather than being one of the best gyms in Chesham we claim to be the best place to find health and happiness. Ultimately, what sets Hitsona Chesham from other gyms is the focus on the entire team of coaches on helping members achieve their weight-loss and fitness targets. In fact, we are so confident that you will achieve these targets, that we will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t!

Best Fitness & Exercise Classes in Chesham

• Hitsona Studio Chesham
• Best Results Fitness
• CrossFit Chiltern
• Fitness Space
• DMF Fitness Studios

Again, finding the right fitness and exercise class for you will depend on what you want to get out of the class and the type you’re after. Gyms in Chesham such as CrossFit will have a wide variety of classes that are large-scale with a lack of personalisation from the coach. Not to mention the lack of a 1-to-1 approach you find at Hitsona, and our “100% Get Results or Money back” guarantee. Fitness Space has also received reviews of a lack of equipment and space at peak times. If you prefer classes with much more of a community feel, Hitsona Chesham offers a variety of HIIT workouts using our own patented HIIT machines, small 25-minute group sessions, 1-to-1 nutrition advice, and a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get the results you wanted – which is why Hitsona is one of the best gyms which is not a gym in Chesham.

Attending your Hitsona, Chesham vs. Home or gym workout

There are many more benefits when it comes to attending your Hitsona Chesham over a home or gym workout. A Hitsona Chesham we help you get the most out of your workouts in impactful 25-minute sessions and we strive to create an atmosphere unlike any gym. Even if you have other commitments outside exercise, Hitsona allows you to squeeze in workouts around your busy working days without the dread of going to a gym. With patented machines and specialist advice available from our coaches, people who are ready to address their fitness goals and who want an alternative to the gym, will benefit from a lot more in our Hitsona Chesham.