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Why Join Your HITSONA Fitness Studio?

Hitsona’s combination of a welcoming community, no egso, no mirrors policy and effective 25-minute workout sessions make it the perfect membership for Telford residents who don’t like the gym. We believe in what we do because of our 8 year track record of helping the people of Telford. So if you don’t see the results you want then you can trust our 100 % money-back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Be healthy, be happy, be you

Follow our plan, get results or your money back

Life changing experience regardless of current fitness level

We promise you will enjoy exercise and have fun

25 minutes, fast, effective and fun sessions

Less pain after exercise with Hitsona

All ages and fitness levels can take part together, fully inclusive environment

Unmatched support & community

Join our team of friendly coaches and like-minded members

Social events and gatherings regularly to build social connections

Join a community, not a gym!

No mirrors, No egos, No posers, No exceptions

You won’t find any mirrors in our studio and a no poser policy

No need to feel self-conscious in a welcoming safe space

No bodybuilders or gym bunnies, just a studio full of regular people


  • I have never felt so at home than here at Hitsona, the members and staff are so friendly amd understanding. The workouts are amazing just 25 mins leaves you exhilarated.... read more

    Claire Ball Avatar Claire Ball

    Not only a gym but a little community and trainers that are fully commited to helping you succeed your goals. Would recommend to anyone who is fed of day to... read more

    Kiri Black Avatar Kiri Black

    New Year - New me ......... Sound familiar? That’s what we all say, right? Well, this year is the beginning of a fitter, healthier new me and that’s all... read more

    Karen Hunt Avatar Karen Hunt
  • I have been a member for a couple of months and couldn’t recommend the experience more, aside from being totally unpretentious it’s fun, coach-led and you feel great afterwards both... read more

    Jo Harvey Barringer Avatar Jo Harvey Barringer

    I joined Hitsona beginning of April with my daughter and we absolutely love it, great communication, great trainers and the classes are fab ! Would highly recommend ????

    Sally Morris Avatar Sally Morris

    I loved Hitsona instantly after my first workout! This is no ordinary gym... No intimidation, just absolutely lovely people who all support each other! Great workouts in intimate, focused small... read more

    louisa higgs Avatar louisa higgs

What we offer

25 minute sessions

Short fun and effective sessions with a comprehensive timetable, that you can fit around a demanding career or hectic life with just 25 minutes a few times a week.

Small group exercise

Exercising in a small group of likeminded people means you actually begin to enjoy exercise and stick to it.

Coach led training sessions

Our coaches deliver sessions and health and fitness guidance with comprehensive support needed for Hitsona members to get results. The members just need to attend the sessions and follow their given plan.

Unrivalled Community

We wholeheartedly believe that support and truly belonging to a community are keys to success and happiness. At Hitsona you will be surrounded by like- minded, supportive people who want to see you succeed in becoming a healthier, happier you.

Heart Rate Monitors

Wearing a heart rate monitor allows our coaches to ensure you get the most effective workout possible and geared to your level of fitness, whatever your exercise experience is. If the session’s too hard, you won’t enjoy it. If the session’s too easy you won’t get results.

Unique & Fully Accessible Machines

Great results with our exclusive HIT Machines which respond to the force you apply. This means the harder and faster you move, the more the machine pushes back. With the added benefit of reduced post exercise pain, our HIT Machine sessions a great way to get a high intensity work out in just 25 short minutes.

Social Events & Fun Challenges

Find your inner child and take part in our regular fun challenges and social event. It is our belief that if you create friendships and camaraderie in your exercise environment you are likely to stick to your plan.  By joining a community of others with similar goals and aspirations, you’ll flourish at Hitsona and find an enjoyment in the fun of exercise and healthy living.

Guaranteed Results

Sticking to going to the gym is hard work, but Hitsona is no gym. You will want to come to our fun sessions and by following our guidance, you will achieve great results. If you don’t enjoy your results having stuck to the plan we create for you, after 90 days, we will refund you in full, with no questions asked and no small print.

Unlimited Ongoing Support

Our member community and team of coaches and studio owners are passionate about your success and will be on hand to offer encouragement and accountability. With regular check ins, nutritional support and mindset and lifestyle guidance as and when you need it, to achieve your desired results.

Your Hitsona Coaches

Stuart Cain


Jodi Ambrose


Jaki Fievet


Sandra Murphy


Maggie Cain


Julia Sterling




Our Achievements at

Our studio community has raised almost £10,000 by holding three 24 hour HIIT-a-thon events
We have multiple Hitsona Telford members who have run marathons since joining and used their sessions to improve their running ability
As well as having many members who take part in Parkrun and Parkwalk we also had our members & colleagues marshalling and timekeeping on various occasions.
Stuart, our owner and Sam our coach have held talks & workouts in local businesses, schools and nurseries.
Our coaches have taken the warm ups for various local charity fitness events


Reluctant exerciser
Be healthy, be happy, be you
Can’t stand mirrors & egos
Want to be supported and be part of a commnuity
Tight on time
Quick 25 min fast, fun sessions
Hate working out on your own
Want to get fit with people like you
Don’t know what to do in the gym
Want a coach to guide you


Everyone has their own unique goals and targets when they’re going to one of the best fitness studios in Telford, whether that’s the goal of losing weight, building fitness levels for a big event or just exercising to improve your mental health. The Hitsona Telford team can help you achieve these goals, and we’re so confident in our work that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t achieve your goals with us.

We use our patented HIT machines that focus on high-intensity, low-impact workouts to help achieve fitness goals without excessive stress and strain. We balance cardio and resistance training in a way that matches your existing fitness levels so you can reach attainable goals. There are also advanced heart rate monitors available, supporting gym members at Hitsona Telford with tracking their health and reaching their fitness goals.

The team at Hitsona Telford strives to offer something different to gym training that also achieves consistent and reliable results and we’ve created a community of like  minded coaches and members that motivates you to keep exercising and accountable for the effort you put in to becoming a healthier, happier you. Most of all, we do it in a fun, inclusive way.

Our Hitsona Telford coaching team is so confident that you’ll fall in love with exercising and achieve your fitness goals with us, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee which is something else you won’t get from your local gym. In brief, our huge range of workouts on patented HIT Machines will help you to reach your fitness or weight loss targets and if you’re not satisfied, it won’t cost you a single penny.

We promise you will find joy in exercise

Having fun with your workout is one of the things that most people struggle with in a regular gym, but it’s very important. After all, if you’re not enjoying exercising or you can’t find a gym in Telford that offers exercises you enjoy, it can be impossible to build a good exercise routine.

At Hitsona Telford, we have a group of coaches that offer fun and challenging workouts and games, helping our members to come out of their shells and push themselves in a more enjoyable way. Exercise classes in gyms Telford-wide can feel like a bit of a chore, but our coaches at HITSona Telford go every step of the way to bring some more fun, with challenging games like Tag Team Target Zone and Climb the Hill adding more variety and fun than your average gym workouts.


Finding the right gym near Telford isn’t just about locating somewhere with different classes, HIIT sessions or equipment. A big part of searching for a gym in Telford should be looking for a fitness facility with a strong sense of community and regular people with a common interest in becoming healthy and happy.

We don’t call Hitsona the best gym in Telford, because HITSona Telford is definitely not a gym. We focus on building a community of like-minded people that want to get healthy and happy together. Coaches like Maggie Cain focus on inspiring others and helping them make their workout sessions fun and achievable. At Hitsona Telford we work hard to create a space where everyone feels supported whilst pushing members to achieve their best possible results. We have a ‘no egos’ policy and the perfect environment for regular people to exercise in a fully inclusive space.

Our Telford fitness centre doesn’t just focus on the community inside the gym, but also in helping important causes in and around the Telford area. We work with a series of local charities including Shropshire MIND, Homestart, Ada’s Foundation and Shelter to raise money through events and other fun fundraising opportunities and challenges. Attending a fitness gym is all about self improvement, but we acknowledge that this is best done with the help of your friends, to keep you motivated and help you succeed in your potential to becoming a healthier, happier you!

No Mirrors, No Egos, No Posers, No Exceptions

You may be aware or seen the ongoing trend of people filming themselves when working out, or flexing in the mirror when at the gym. How other people look and behave in the local gym can be intimidating and other gym members may feel self-conscious and disheartened. As the best fitness studio in Telford we want people to feel comfortable and at ease when they are exercising and in Hitsona Telford we have a no mirrors, no egos, no posers, no exceptions policy. How you look isn’t important, it’s how you feel that matters to us!

Joing Hitsona Telford isn’t about having a membership in your local gym and never actually going.  It’s about becoming part of a community and in our fitness studio you will find a safe place to exercise with no mirrors, no body builders and no gym bunnies. Without those distractions found in the regular big box gym, everyone can focus on achieving their own results without having to worry about posers or put off by someone flexing in the mirror. There are no egos at our Telford fitness centre and we have built a strong community of regular people that can’t be found in any local Telford gym.

What Makes Hitsona Different to a Gym?

25 minute, small group sessions

Our Hitsona sessions are designed and delivered for maximum results in the minimum time, so that even the busiest of people can get an effective exercise session in. Small groups of like minded people make Hitsona sessions enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Unique Machines & Heart Rate Monitors

Hitsona’s patented machines make good quality, effective exercise suitable for all fitness levels and allow people new comers to exercise to achieve the same results as experienced gym users. Coupled with our heart rate monitor technology, we ensure every session you do is geared to your level of fitness.

Supportive coaches & community

Hitsona has coaches that care and a community of members that support you. We are a community of people who share one main thing in common. The desire to be healthy, be happy and be authentically themselves in a safe, fun and supportive environment, unlike any gym you have experienced before.

3 Great Locations for Outdoor Exercise in

Telford T50 Trail

If you’re into walking, running or trekking, the Telford T50 trail is the perfect place to start. The trail is a 50-mile route wrapping around Telford and the surrounding areas, covering Lilleshall, Telford, Ironbridge, The Wrekin, Wellington, Horsehay and more. The route is split up into seven different individual stages.

The Wrekin

Partway through the trail you will find yourself coming across The Wrekin, a local landmark with free parking that is perfect for all sorts of activity. Whilst a lot of people walk The Wrekin as a part of the trail itself, mountain bikers especially love the challenging terrain and range of routes that are on offer. As a quick tip, try to make sure you’re at the top at sunset or sunrise – the views are beautiful.

Love 2 Stay

If you’re more of a swimmer than a cyclist, Love 2 Stay just outside Telford could be perfect. Whilst the best fitness studios in Telford have pools, Love 2 Stay’s great outdoor freshwater pool brings its own unique challenges to a swimmer looking to test their mettle without risking open water swimming trips.

How to find us

Get Directions
You can find us in the Willow Business Centre near Halesfield Nursery, the Willow Café and Liberty Pole Dance Academy. The Shell Garage at Stirchley is also a great landmark, as is the Halesfield Community Recycling Centre.
If you can’t drive, one of the better ways to get to us is by taxi. Some of the more reliable firms that you can turn to include GoCarz and A1 Taxis.
For those that prefer to take the bus, there are eight stops around the estate that are served by buses 1, 2 and 100, providing plenty of options for finding your way to the gym.

As with all of the best gyms in Telford, we’re happy to pick up your calls and guide you here,. If you are looking for a gym in Telford but don’t want to go to a regular gym, get in touch – you can trust us to guide you every step of the way.

You can find us in the Willow Business Centre near Halesfield Nursery, the Willow Café and Liberty Pole Dance Academy. The Shell Garage at Stirchley is also a great landmark, as is the Halesfield Community Recycling Centre.


What makes your HITsona Telford gym stand out?

Hitsona Telford is a totally unique community of like-minded people, all looking to be healthier and happier. We are experts at helping busy parents and busy professionals who don’t like traditional exercise such as gyms, running, weights and big classes.

We focus on fun, friendships and getting great results with fitness, energy, and confidence, not on who has the best six pack, biggest biceps, or the latest matching lycra.

At Hitsona Telford we actively want our gym members to come to their sessions so that they get the results that they so badly want and that means you will get regular check ins and support to ensure you get the most from Hitsona.

At our fitness studio in Telford, our gym members have access to over 40 sessions per week which are capped at a maximum of 12 people and are always led by a coach. Our HIIT sessions are low impact and focused on using our HIT Machines which respond to the effort, force and speed that you put in to each exercise, in effect, giving back what you put in. This means every member gets a balanced cardio and resistance exercise session that is tailored to their level regardless of when they last exercised, how fit or unfit they are and what their ability level is. This, coupled with the use of our Hitsona heart rate monitor system, allows our coaches to deliver sessions that are fun, enjoyable and push each member to their maximum.

Hitsona Telford members also get coaching, support and accountability around any other areas of their health and fitness, including nutrition and mindset. The social events that we run in and around Telford are open to gym members and their families and often see us getting together away from the studio to forge friendships and have fun together. We have monthly challenges for our members to keep motivated and our private members
group online is a great support and resource for all members when they aren’t at the studio.

Best Gyms in Telford

Establishing the best fitness centres in Telford isn’t an easy task, with lots of different options available to you. Some of the great choices that you can pick from include:

  • HITSona Telford: A highly personalised working experience, focusing on high-intensity interval training, utilising patented IT machines, state of art monitoring technology, while also building a sense of community. Oh…and you will love our “Get Results or 100% Money Back Guarantee” promise!• The Gym Group Telford: Part of a large chain of big box gyms, providing a large area, a professional experience and high-end standard gym equipment. Ideal if you are looking for 24h access, and you like to work on your own with no input from other members or coaches.
  • PowerHouseGYM: With a focus on lifting weights, powerhouse gym is ideal for those looking to build their muscle and get big. Once again, great if all you need is access to machines, without the personalised experience, sense of community and accountability you will find in your HITsona Telford fitness studio
  • Rise Fitness Telford: A gym offering a range of standard gym equipment alongside a pool for a swimming.
  • 24/7 Fitness: Another chain gym with varied standard gym equipment and a small class timetable.

No matter what the above list says, your idea of the best fitness studio Telford has to offer differs from everyone else’s. If you’re looking to lift heavy weights, you know what you’re doing and don’t need support, Powerhouse Gym might be for you. Whereas Hitsona Telford provides some of the best fitness sessions Telford-wide with a sense of community and fun attached. Take your time and make the right choice, with options such as HITSona’s 100% money-back guarantee reducing the financial risk of a decision, and giving you confidence that you will work alongside a team of coaches that are focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Best Fitness & Exercise Classes in Telford

Whilst fitness studios have plenty of options, there are even more to consider when looking at exercise classes Telford residents have to choose from. These include:

  • HIIT training with HITSona: High-intensity interval work with high-quality coaches on innovative, patented HIT machines that allow you to work out to your level, while making you fall in love with exercise again in an inspiring community.
  • Swimming training at Rise Fitness: Water-based workouts that are less intense on your muscles, reducing impact to provide more stable exercise.
  • PowerHouseGYM: Unsupervised weights session focused on helping you to achieve your personal best through improved form and lifting methods.

Like choosing a Telford gym that works for you, there is a lot of thought and method that goes into choosing a fitness and exercise class. You’re deciding on a routine that works for you personally rather than anyone else, so listen to your body, think about what activity and exercise you enjoy doing and decide based on that.

Cost can also be an understandably big feature, so things like money-back guarantees and gyms that roll lessons into a gym membership Telford residents use is perfect. Once you find an exercise class that works for you, commit to it fully, as this is the best way of seeing results as soon as you can.

Attending your HITSona, Telford gym vs. Home workout

Whilst a lot of people are confident that their home workout and gym setup is professional and can compete with the best, there are still fundamental differences between exercising at home and using your Telford gym or fitness studio.

The first is the quality of coaches available to you. Gym training means that you access experts that know exactly what they’re doing and can improve your form and physique in real-time. Whilst you might try to film yourself at home and improve based on your recordings, that isn’t always something that yields results.

Having good people around you can also make a big difference. Doing high-intensity training in a small group setting means that you have a group of great people around you pushing you on, driving you to work out and achieve the best results for your body. Not only do you get the results you want, but you make some great friends.